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6 seconds of bliss
  • Hi, am new. Owned aneros for years but only recently found out about super-o's. Tried for couple of days. Nothing. Woke up hungover yesterday and
    didnt wanna get up so lubed up and inserted it. Laid back for while watchin porn, but got bit bored. So started moving left to right and thrustin. Started gettin a flushed feelin and my breathin rate increased. So started thrashing myself off the bed. Raising my hips and driving my bum down to the matress. Got and uncomfortable feelin like the aneros was coming out. Was reachin to push in back in when my anus clamped down, my legs and arms shook, and i moaned loudly. Was incredible. Lasted 6, max 10 seconds. Was this a wave or mini-o? Let me describe it. When my anus clamped, i mean it was so hard that i couldve cut the aneros in half. Intense pleasure seemed to flow from my anus to every part of my body. But moreover, i felt like i could see thru my body and watch my anus around the aneros. Was mindblowing. Couldnt continue for private reason. But for 15 mins afterward, i was shook, wondering 'did that actually happen?'. For hours afterwards i was so aware of my anus. Had watched a vid yrs ago on xvideos of a guy lyin on a bed and shakin and thrashin about for 10 mins b4 he came. Was like WTF. But am a believer now. Cant wait to go further with this. I put my experience with this as like the first time i ejaculated. But even higher. Never thought that at 33 there was an area of my body and mind that i hadnt explored. Cant wait for more. Used the helix btw. The front tab in my progasm broke a while ago when i was usin it as a dildo :(
  • Wonderful, Irishedger. sounds like a mini orgasm to me but it doesn't matter, you experienced it and it was real! I get the same signs. 
  • Tanx euph. Reading posts i see p wave and wave and mini-o and Other terms & dunno what people mean. Realli enjoyin this. Had an hour and 1/2 session earlier but no results. Doin it too often i think. Gonna rest for day or 2 and just do kegels. Didnt wank after session thou. Had no interest when i know theres better ahead for me. Kinda strange but those few seconds of gripping my aneros has awakened an obsession like ive never felt. I will have a super-o. Dont care if i hav to train 4 yrs