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P-tab keeps moving off center...???
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    So when using my helix syn, I cut the red curly cause it was pressing into the mattress n not allowing the syn to move. Now the p-tab keep moving off center from my p spot, been told that it's b/c I don't have enuf crack to hold it center. Also my perineum bulges out a bit... What can anyone tell me. How can I keep it centered... Or will I just need to keep moving to the right spot during my sessions...?
  • I have a bit of a bulging perineum myself.  Using many of the older models the p tab would often slide to one side or the other, becoming rather annoying.  I have found that the addition of the kudalini tab on the progasm models makes everything a perfect fit.  Also, I have found that after using the devices for awhile now, my muscles down there have grown, and everything seems to stay in place better
  • Did you only cut off the curly part? There are a couple modification threads somewhere in here that might help you. I remember reading that people will glue a bead to the end. If you have no ass, then something bigger might be better. If you can carve wood, you might try drilling a hole in a piece so it'll fit snugly on the remaining tail, then shape it until it gives you the desired effect. Then sand, stain, varnish, and permanently attach it. 

    A "clear coat" for automotive paint would probably be better than varnish, since you'll be washing it alot. You can probably find some in a hobby/model shop. 

    EDIT 2
    Don't forget to score (make rough) the part of the tail that will be glued so the glue will hold better. OR, if you have (or have access to) a tap and die set, you could just thread it.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Never heard of this one but I guess it shows how individual we are! lol
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    Wandering... That's a bit more technical then I can get right now. But thanks for the info
  • @newguy8 Sorry about getting too detailed there. When I see a problem I try to fix it...and end up with something that both works and looks good. I guess it's part of being an imaginitive, mechanically minded perfectionist lol.

    I do think that putting something wider on the tail will allow your Aneros to center better, considering your physical build back there. 
  • Wandering, sounds like you could have a cottage industry there! Sounded like a really nice accessory for the helix, beauty and function. Have you done anything like this? If so, could you send a pic?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    @newguy8  both Helix-Classic and the -syn version have proportionally larger heads and smaller anal stems than the older design toys.  Those make it easy for the nose and p-tab to fall into the ditches along the side of the road.  My experience with this "road wander" parallels that of @bryeinabox.  Over time, improved musculature and 'autonomic instincts' help one to steer a straight course.   So don't throw stones at your Helix just yet.  You might like to add an MGX to your toy collection until an aggressive Kegel program offers some help.  The MGX (or SGX if it's a better fit for your height) has more bulk in the lower body which seems to reduce the road wander.  The mid-body ridges on those toys also offer an interesting change in sensation.

    Meanwhile, rather than glue, you might consider using a piece of heat-shrink tubing from an electronics shop to extend the tail on the philandering -syn.  Some Dremel tool work will be needed to smooth out the splice point where the heat-shrink joins the stubby tail.  Be sure to not overheat the area where the silicone overlays the red plastic.
  • Thanks @euphemistic ^^ I think the whole line of Aneros products could benefit from having a short, threaded tail stub. Then they could sell different styles like a Kudalini tab, etc, as accessories. Of course each model would come with the original curly tail or K tab, depending on the model.

    I haven't made anything for my Aneros models because they stay centered without a tail. Sorry. Maybe one of these days I'll get an Aneros just for the purpose of making different tails to show people here. I would also give detailed 'how to' instructions. Then they can make their own :)

    I guess threadding wouldn't work for a K tab unless you had some kind of locking pin. How to make it comfortable, easy to use and clean, and cheap to manufacture, is another question. ...*mind starts running again*...

    EDIT 2
    Got it. No threads, no pins, and it's simple. They could make a flatish stub (flattened oval) with a flared end that would snap into whichever tail you want, and hold it securely.