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  • Hello Aneros,

    I have been a Aneros experimenter for 3 years with very limited result and certainly no “Os”.That aside, I do enjoy the process, relaxation and concentration.

    In the readings, arousal seems to be an important part of the process. I have very low testosterone, which I’m getting treatment for, but makes it very challenging to get aroused, let alone get an erection.

    My question is, without suitable arousal it seems unlikely to get a “O” and perhaps I should hold off until I get the testosterone squared away.


  • Aneros-user, I've been thinking a lot about this question. I have low testosterone too but have decided not to get the replacement. Like you that's how I found aneros. How long have you had this condition, have you've had any sexual experiences in your life, what kind of treatment are you going for? Have you had any pleasure at all from your sessions? What do you do in your session? How often?

    I don't know how long I've had this condition but I was celebrate until my 32 year and not in a religious order. No experience, no sexual touches, just masturbation and wet or erotic dreams which tortured me. Just to make things even harder, I found out that I'm gay so needed to explore that area of erotica from scratch. I had some sexual experiences since then but probably less than most men here.

    I've found it difficult to get aroused at first too. I needed porn, nipple stimulation, viagra, anything. I could manage to get aroused with all of this but it took some time to get the aneros to play along. it's slow going! I got pleasure waves at first which were nice. I find that I don't need sexual arousal when I sleep with my eupho, I wake up to very nice mini orgasms. I've gradually gotten into mini orgasms during the day but usually need some porn at least.

    If you don't have any sexual experiences or are repressed like I was, it's going to be hard to get aroused. There's fantasy, day dreaming, porn, erotic or wet dreaming to feed your arousal but no memories of physical sexual touch that you're body can resonate to. I'm using "you" in the general sense here, not talking about you aneros-user.

    So what to do? I don't know whether replacement therapy will help here from personal experience, I hope so.
  • hope i haven't offended you, aneros-user, with my nosy ways and frank questions. i forget that everyone isn't like that. i just wanted to add that i've learned how to get prostate pleasure without any arousal, just breathing a certain way. of course the arousal builds up from within me while breathing but i don't have to start out using any external stimulation or even fantasizing. of course, adding sexual arousal amplifies things. i've learned how to do this very recently so its still new and i don't know if it can be taught. but what man can do... i'm willing to try though. just leave me a private message.