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When the pieces come together and the natural rythm find you..
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    My aneros journey has gone through many stages so far. I had a super-O fairly fast, a rapid learning curve, I even forced my own super-Os for a while (something some said couldn`t be done) - they feel a bit different from the super-O that takes you by itself though. I`ve also had the downfalls in the dry periods when absolutely nothing at all happens after a good period.

    But this isn`t about my journey so far, but the development I`ve found now that the pieces suddenly seem to fit together. When you get to the stage where you do nothing at all but listen to your body. You get a rythm where your prostate tells you what it wants every 2-4 days. You start a session, do almost nothing and it takes you into Super-O land every third or fourth time you do it, and very close the other times.

    It`s been a great journey of self discovery and progress, and it`s far from over.. but I feel that the process is starting to come full circle. I want to call it a heightened sense of prostate awareness... many think (as I did) that the rewiring is complete when they reach a super-O. I don`t really think we`re really rewired until we`re at the point where we are so much in tune with our prostate that every time we have a session, it results in a heavenly super-o. This of course is coupled with the act itself- not being done - with the conscious the goal of getting the super-O, while we still at some level do.

    I know many of you are at the stage, or far beyond the stage, where I am now. But to all you others that still haven`t gotten there.....


    It`s all worth it in the end..

    Alex :)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,181
    i agree @alex_xxx.  Though i remember reading a post from a guy who has been using for 8yrs and said that even after so many years the prostate was still surprising him and throwing him for loops.  So its very exciting to think about, cause you just know it will never become mundane or boring.