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Need comment on my new experience !
  • Hi guys, I was wondering...
    Couple nights ago, i had a very nice session with my Helix Syn, modified (no curley thing), p-tab intact
    i was sitting on my bed, leg tight together, ball, between legs, and penis very hard, pointing up, no stimulation on head, 
    some light one on shaft close to balls, then i started kind of rocking, something started to happenend, very pleasurable,
    stop to see and try to distinguish the feeling if its my prostate or not, started the motion of rocking again, 
    then i was on the edge, an edge i never experienced before, very very powerful, i stop, then again,
    but that time, I came so hard, it spurts up , like 5 times, i was shaking.
    Finaly my question, was it a regular wet orgasm with some prostate stimulation, or it was a prostate orgasm?
    i think its my prostate, since i had no stimulation on head of penis, but not sure since i had some pressure on my balls , kind of pulling them down
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,183
    anytime you ejaculate its considered a traditional orgasm.  Sometimes the device can massage your prostate and cause a milking motion but that usually causes the sperm to ooze out.  There are some people who can have a hands free wet orgasm from prostate massage, sounds like your one of them.  I suspect the pressure on your balls was enough to cause this.  If its something your not looking to achieve i suggest spreading your legs wider next time.