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Help with Progasm mod
  • Hello friends.
    first of all, I want to thank in advance for all the help you can provide me.
    I'm a happy owner of a progasm. I've had a couple of nice experiences with it (nothing mayor but still, enjoyable).
    I now want to go to a higher level by using e-stim on it.
    I bought a different prostate massager with e-stim (a Mystim one). It has this nice electro-stim feature but it just doesn't feel nice on my prostate (it doesn't fit comfortably like the aneros progasm does). Despite this, e-stim does a great job with my prostate and can milk me so good.

    this is why I'm willing to do an upgrade on my aneros, since I love how it feels onside. I know a lot of ppl here have already performed mods on the progasm. Actually there used to be a couple pictures but links are now broken.
    also, I would kindly ask for your recommendations on how to place the electrodes so i can have an easy way to milk my prostate and force orgasm with electric stimulation.

    I will appreciate all your kind help you can provide ne.