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Automatic switch to diaphragm breathing
  • An MGX arrived last Saturday, and after a couple of days of (apparently) little activity, this has turned into one hell of a downhill bobsleigh ride. I’ve got a thousand questions already, but want to ask about something that happened yesterday morning.
    I woke at 5:30 yesterday (Friday, 6 days later) to the now customary feelings of the internal massage of the prostate by the rolling motion of the contraction of the anal sphincter and the PC muscle. (Is that what it is? It’s waking me up several times during the night and, God, is it good… and it’s leading to some very happy times!) Having popped the MGX in, I started conscious contractions, continuing for about 45 minutes.
    After that, the body seemed to find it liked what was on offer. My legs started twitching from side to side (I’m on my back, knees bent), accompanied by hip-rocking, pelvic thrusting, back-arching motions. Slowly, the sensations deep within me arose, and at that point, I’ve found that you’re now just the passenger.
    After maybe 30 minutes of this, I noticed something which the practice of a meditation technique has made me reasonably familiar… the level of mental noise subsided significantly, and I entered what I guess Eckhart Tolle would describe as an increased state of “presence”; my overriding focus was the sensory feelings deep within, and very few thoughts entered my mind. (Another thread on this forum talks, from memory, about “the blackness in front of my closed eyes”, and I think they might be describing something the same or, at least, very similar.)
    Anyway, after a while, the cycles of panting and soft groaning that seem to happen automatically in this state, rising in volume with each quickening cycle, subsided. I became aware that all noise had now stopped. The feelings of pleasure were still there, and the body was still doing its own thing, but my breathing appeared to be completely diaphragmatic. The upper chest was immobile, and breathing was silent and effortless, driven by the motion within the lower abdomen. This experience lasted almost all day.
    As a teenager, I used to start my meditation practice with 5 to 10 minutes of pranayama, alternating the nostril through which you breathed by closing one side off with a finger, breathing first out, then in, then switching side. On one occasion, a few minutes in, the same shift to diaphragmatic breathing occurred. There was no conscious effort to bring this about… it simply happened, and then stopped a while later of its own accord.
    The Milestones list on the Wiki doesn’t mention this, and the only talk I’ve read is of Valley breathing. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
    SIDE NOTE: Through (mantra) meditation, I’m familiar with the experience of the fluttering sensations at the base of the spine, and to what they might point. Reading through other posts on this forum, and reading more on Kundalini and the Mulha Bhanda “root lock” (which I think we unwittingly practice via use of the Aneros), I’ve come to the unexpected conclusion that the device I bought in an attempt to revitalise my sex drive and restore erectile strength -- both of which it has done in an *alarmingly* short period -- has far, far, far more to offer than I’d previously thought.
  • Yes, Spacemanstiff, I've had the kind of automatic diaphramatic breathing you describe. it's as you say, I'm watching my body breathing from the diaphragm with surprise at a certain point in my session. No accessory muscles needed. I just go with it and enjoy the ride, as a passenger as you say. It took me 6 months to get to this place but who's counting. I don't have the meditation experience that you have so that might account for it. Sounds like you have bought your ticket and are set for the ride of a lifetime! As are we all.