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Daddy's Little Helper
  • I love re-purposing items for unusual uses.  My Aneros sessions are almost always on my back.  I discovered that a bean-bag style neck pillow was wonderfully comfortable for propping up my butt during sessions and the area for your neck gives the Aneros device free range of movement.  Since the beans inside are a pretty stable platform, you can even use the legs of the pillow to spread the cheeks and allow even less contact with the device.
    Anyhow, it's definitely more comfortable on my back than a pillow and the firm shape creates an impression on the mattress without torquing my back into a pretzel.  This allows my back to remain straighter.  The only drawback is after a couple hours my butt sometimes falls asleep but that just lets me focus more on the sensations inside.
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  • rookrook
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    Great idea @beegee6  ---  I'm in !  I usually toss this after a road trip to avoid hauling it in carry-on thru TSA.

    I reposted this to new product idea thread:
  • Beegee , you have had the best idea. I used my travel neck pillow for the first time last night and it was the perfect fit. Th neck part allows the handle and everything to move freely without interference while the pillow does not put body in weird position. Thanks for the greatest idea.