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First time Aneros user
  • I have had about 7 or 8 sessions so far with the Progasm. I get to the point where my legs and butt cheeks start shaking and I can feel the pleasure increasing. Then it starts to feel really good and I end up ejaculating (not touching my penis). From what I've been reading, the "super o" doesn't make you ejaculate and you can have more than one. Is there a trick to "not" ejaculating when the pleasure gets so good?
  • It takes some time. My advise is to relax when you feel you're about to cum. Keep breathing through it and don't hold your breath. You may want to try to keep going after you cum with the Program and see what happens. Sometimes, you can get better results without a loaded gun. Also, ready the Tips to the Backdoor on the forum.
  • Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I may try to keep going after also (as it didn't feel like I went into "refractory" mode). I think I still could have had another "o". Will keep experimenting :)
  • did you actually ejaculate or did you just have it ooze out, cause the progasm can having a milking effect which could explain why you didnt feel the refractory period.  Just a thought.  
  • I definitely ejaculated. I know what you're saying though.
  • well either way, a hands free orgasm has to be kinda cool, though eventually you'll learn the super O is much more satisfying in the long run, it will just take time and patience.  I also learned on the progasm, though as of lately the peridise is my new favorite!  
  • also are you canadian by chance? lol
  • Hands free orgasm was a first for me. Definitely very cool. Yes, I'm Canadian :)
  • cool. I love Canada, been there many times, from Toronto, Ontario to driving all the way to Calgary, Alberta, very nice country.  I live in Michigan by the way.