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Binaural Beats and Dirty Dubstep For Beginners
  • Yup, I'm new, just a couple of weeks into my own journey.  I've gone from trying too hard to trying less hard, from "You have GOT to be kidding!" to a true believer.  I know that every journey is unique, but we are here to learn from each other, so... I'll just offer some personal observation.

    • Relax. Trying too hard doesn't work.  Pain is not the right path. 
    • Silent, calm listening to the body (without moving or clenching) is a good, patient teacher.
    • I make more progress when I'm distracted and enjoying a new feeling than when I'm trying to focus on getting to the edge.
    • Binaural beats (try youtube) are a way for men who aren't rewired to feel buzzing around their prostate, and there is good guided meditation out there that you might find useful as a diversion from regular Aneros sessions (if you're feeling blocked or just want to try something new).  There are good binaural beats to buy, but I recommend the free as once your prostate starts to awaken, binaural beats feel like the tinest baby steps ever and you won't want them.
    • Dirty Dubstep is a very strong way (search for it on youtube) to feel something in your prostate if you're otherwise clueless, like I was.  You can search for that on youtube.  Some of the mixes are NSFW.  "Pornstep" is especially good and especially NSFW.  I recommend these to beginners because all you need is a pair of good headphones to feel SOMETHING down there.  What you feel listing to music, the Aneros will multiply by a thousand.  There are other, even better sensations waiting to be discovered, but dubstep can help you feel like there is something there to work with.

    Newbie mistake: I started thinking, "MMOs, great!" and comparing them to normal male orgasms.  So far, the Helix Syn has taught me this:

    • Rewiring feels like bizarre electric sparkles shooting all around in my abdomen.  Sometimes, it's localized where I can feel a growing tension.  Sometimes, I'll feel odd nerve impulses far away from where I'd think I ought to.  Nerves in my teeth, chest, arms, legs, and feet have all sparked here and there.  Mostly though, it's centered where the prostate is.
    • Unfinished rewiring might mean that I'm already having prostate orgasms, but I just don't know how to recognize them as pleasurable yet.
    • "Sparkling now" seems to mean "Wow is this feeling good the next time these nerves are triggered... "
    • I'm pretty sure after a few weeks that the journey to orgasm this way is similar to a woman's.  I like what feels good, but don't always know what that will be or how to do it or how to keep it going.  I am distractable.  I lose interest, even though I like what is going on.  I have a lot more empathy and understanding for my wife, and it's fun to talk about it with her.
    • "Calm Seas" and "Aneros-less" sessions (especially when driving, or at work) are the most awesome side effect ever.  Alone, they're worth the journey even if there were no other benefits.


    Newbie mistake averted: I read in one of the pinned articles that this journey can be addicting, and should be shared with your SO.  THAT was good advice on both counts.  We decided to get the Helix Syn for me and Luna balls for her.  We're on the same journey now and have a lot of stuff to laugh about together.  I avoid prostate issues, and she avoids her pelvic floor muscle issues too.  And sex is better already, too.

    More newbie thoughts:

    • All that clamping down and breathing and everything... yeah... this is not an Olympic event.  If you're having trouble getting the automatic vibrations going, try cutting your strongest contractions to half strength, and your lightest ones to the tiniest touch you can.
    • I didn't know that the prostate WANTS to vibrate.  After a session, relax the muscles you were using.  It can feel like:
    • ping-ping-ping (like a heartbeat, but you can speed it up by concentrating)
    • a "thrumming" almost like guitar strings.  When it's doing this, a very gentle contraction of the muscle you use to stop peeing is enough to make for some nice chain reaction waves of pleasure.  You can ramp up the intensity of the "Calm Seas" doing this.
    • ear plugs might help you hear your heartbeat.  When you can do that, think of your prostate and see if you can feel it thumping along in time.
    • the prostate and surrounding muscles can do this super cool wavey thing, where the area kind of slowly kneads itself from one end to the other, and repeats.  It feels great once you recognize it.
    • If you still don't feel any of these things 20 min after a session, try a full-muscle clench for as hard as you can, for 30 seconds.  Then slowly let it out, and see if you feel any of these things now. 


    Good luck!

    Thanks to: All you out there who are willing to share their experiences, especially the hilarious testimonials.

  • I rediscovered this  today, "417 Hz - Swadhisthana: The Sacral Chakra" on youtube, thought I'd post it for you.  It's about an hour of binaural hum / meditation music that isn't much to listen to (though it's not unpleasant), but it does a really good job of making the prostate and abdomen buzz along in harmony with it.  The effect is fine with earbuds, but it's fantastic with good headphones.

    If I had just one of these tracks to use for an aneros  session, this one gets the best results by far.  I've listened to this before getting my helix syn, and noticed some interesting effects, but after a few weeks of Aneros sessions the effect is magnified quite a bit.  Whether I'm listening to this Aneros-less or during a session, the effects are very strong both during and after the music is done playing.

    I know next to nothing about chakras and meditation, other than that I enjoy my own amateur sense of meditative trance.  This music has real physical effects on me regardless of what I'm doing/thinking.

    Anyone else exploring chakras / binaural beats in connection with the Aneros journey?  Wild guess: Anyone who's felt even a few sparks of "prostate awakening" will like this.  You can expect a lot of sparks with no physical effort (just enjoy the meditation).