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abdominal and teeth pain during calm seas
  • Okay, I had the same kind of night session as I had last night as described in my blog. But this time after I woke up while I was enjoying the warm tingling in every part of my body, my abdomen and teeth began to hurt! I was still feeling good everywhere else but at the same time there was sharp pain all over my abdomen and in every tooth. The abdominal pain followed the outline of my abs(if I had 6-pack abs, which I don't), not my lats, or chest. Weird! I felt my abdomen with my hand and the muscles weren't contracted or spasming. I tried splinting it with a pillow but that did nothing. Finally I got out of bed and took some aspirin and valerien, but the pain faded away soon after I stood up. The calm seas feelings continued throughout this. I thought that this might have something to do with rewiring or prelude to a super O but I haven't seen it described here. Has anyone had this kind of pain?
  • It didn't feel like a stomach ache either.
  • it might have been from the spasms after effects. When they run through me it feels like I did 1000 sit ups. its like a sexual utopia work out. i think its normal but it hasn't really been explained in here.