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aneros virginity taken!!
  • Hello all! Quick backroud as this is my first post :) id been thinking about getting a prostate massager for some time now and I finally bit the bullet last week and ordered a aneros jr! I new it would arrive on wednesday so I was pysc'd up all day to get home and use it! I did alot of reading about what to do and relax etc etc. I was literally shaking with excitement when I opened it and lubed it up and slid it in slowly. I layed on my side and waited. And waited. And waited. I had it in for about an hour and a half and tried a few different positions but still nothing! From what ive read it can be quite common so I'm holding my patience and I will be trying again tonight!! Sorry for the essay! If anyone has any tips then that would bbe great! !

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    First tip... have you read the Aneros Wiki?
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    give it a month or so.. 2-3times a week :)
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    Hello and welcome to the brotherhood of aneros. But I think the problem was your over excited body anticipating the pleasure and fun you were going to have. A few tips is go into the session with a clear mind and into a non noisy room. that means the noise in the room, around you nd the noise in your head must leave to really enjoy it all. With a few more trys you will experience what the prostate has to offer.
  • Thanks for the replies! yea i read all the wiki notes and took in all about breathing and everything. i think it must be like Big says, i must of been that excited to use it i just couldnt properly relax. i still havent been able to try again yet!!! getting very impatient!! Does everybody jus start slow with a little "tense" of the anus and take it from there? see what feels good etc
  • and do u also think the progasm jr is the right model for me to start out with?
  • Junior was my first model so it holds a special place in my heart. Not too big or too small, smooth, shiny and new, like the love boat. That said, the one I got the most mileage from is the eupho syn. That was my next purchase. It's soft and flexible, does what it's supposed to, and is suitable for day sessions and for bedtime.

    What are you doing, youngnewbie, while you do nothing? Nothing? The aneros as I understand it, amplifies your arousal so you have to be aroused to begin with. Do whatever it takes to get yourself aroused, you know what I mean, except touch your penis. So feel your nipples, your thighs, whatever turns you on. If you get hard, that's good but still don't touch. Make yourself as comfortable as possible wherever you are. Breathe relaxedly. Do some anal contractions occasionally and notice how that feels, but move slowly enough to feel every sensation. If you're looking at porn to get aroused, really put yourself into it, remember your own sexual experiences that the porn is bringing up. When I use porn, I need to look away or close my eyes and see what images come up and what sensations that produces.

    So in short I would alternate between feeding my arousal outwardly and noticing every sensation, emotion and image my body brings up.But BigOluver is right, first you have to learn how to quiet your mind of expectations. And don't take anything anybody says to do as written on stone including me. Keep us posted
  • Great advice from BigO and Euphemistic! Your feeling of relaxation and focus on your arousal is what moves you down the Aneros paths of discovery and realization of inner ability to experience prostate pleasure! Your prostate already knows how to give you this pleasure! Your challenge is to let it happen. Soon, you may begin to feel tingles and brief pleasurable sensations centered around your prostate. These brief sensations can grow into MUCH bigger feelings that can last longer and become more intense...MUCH more intense! But, don't worry about how fast or slow things are happening, be happy that they are happening and just let them happen. Your mind is expanding itself to include the prostate as a part of what arouses you, and it just takes time to happen! Enjoy the experience because there is so much to explore!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    well said @Theme_Gasm!
  • ive only had one session but i was already aroused without looking at anything. from reading i thought watching porn was a distraction to most people? Thanks Theme! It all sounds very encouraging :) session number 2 taking place soon so we''l see :)
  • Porn between lovers, gentle arousal encitement consummation, seems to be what turns me on for the subtleties of these devices..