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Penis getting in the way
  • Hi, hope somebody can give me some advice here. I've been using the helix for some time now but am having a couple of issues with it. I tend to lie on my side with my legs slightly bent. The action of the moving aneros is nice but when i draw my rectum right up, straighten my legs and arch my back i feel the most amazing sensations inside me - like it's really hitting the spot. The problem with that is my penis keeps rubbing on the bed clothes and i'm heading towards a penis orgasm. It's also not very comfortable being in that position for any length of time as i'm to tense. Do i need a bigger aneros? I've tried lying on my back and bent over but i just can't seem to get it in as much as i'd like. Any help much appreciated
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,740
    Arching one's back is a typical move we make to accelerate ejaculation during sex so your feelings and reflexes are quite natural.   Sounds like you need some techniques to avoid penis stim though.  Here are a couple of ideas, neither are orginal with me:

    -- search out other stim points on your body to accompany prostate stimulation.  Nipples are common with most guys here but look for others.   I've found that the "fur" on my left tricep, sole of my left foot,  and my testicles play quite well when I want to expand energy and get my focus away from my penis.  Executing the Male Deer Exercise will help amplify energy in your lower abdomen but avoid Glans contact. 

    -- Most of my Vice sessions involve a belly-down position.   I wear a jock strap for most of those and position pillows to reduce pressure on my pubic bone.   I adopted this from a gent named < RedBeard2000 > who was famous for his X-tube videos. 
  • Hey rook thanks for the advice mate. Shall i stick with the helix for now then? I don't want to crack a nut with a sledge hammer type of thing by buying a bigger one but i do feel like i could do with a little more length. Perhaps im just not picking up well on the sensations yet tho?