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Finally back to normal progress.
  • After the series of events I wrote about earlier image my penis became hyper-sensitive. I actually had to cum before I could have a good session, even though my balls were empty. That was not fun, and it was kinda painful because my scrotum was practically crushing my balls all the time unless I gave in and came. It was a really weird time. Anyways, after almost 2 weeks of using a fleshlight before Aneros sessions to re-rewire (and not using the Maximus again), I'm back to normal. Let me tell you, I take "penis not", seriously now! No more bad wiring for me lol. 
  • To re-rewire I have been using the fleshlight for about half an hour before an Aneros session.  However, I do not cum with the flashlight.  I find the build-up does make the yearning for prostate massage much better, at least at this period in time.  I seldom ever get blue balls anymore, and often go for long periods with days between ejaculations.  But when I first began Aneros sessions I stuck strongly to "penis-not" until I was more awakened in my prostate.  These days I find I need to add variety in my journey