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Another observation/tip
  • BobandyBobandy
    Posts: 37
    During a luh (space between orgasms)in my last session, I remembered a post about placing your finger at the base of your penis, laying on your back, belly button side of your penis base (imagine that if you were a woman, this is where your clitoris is).
    I applied gentle downward pressure with a slight bend/hook to my finger. I then proceeded to gently rub my right nipple and OMG! it felt as if my finger was shooting electrical shocks (extremely pleasureable!!!) into my penis, with every gentle rub of my nipple. I was having an amazing orgasm. It was as if I couldn't get enough, but my body was wiggling and moving in ways I didn't think was possible, trying to get away from my finger but still wanting the touch. The sensations were off the charts; I had sensations of getting a BJ with the head of my penis just pulsing away; I was semi-hard and the pre cum was flowing to the point I thought I was ejaculating, but I just continued to have orgasms!
    I am in awe of the sensations that Aneros can provide. 
  • hum, maybe that's what happened to me

    i'm thinking that when i applied the pressure on my ball, i was maybe hitting the p-tab to a point of orgasm

    let me know what you think