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Having trouble finding the prostate
  • Hi guys,

    I use the classic aneros for a few years now. It gives me some pleasure but not the super 'o'.

    I have experimented with relaxation but also with more vigorous contractions and manual labour on the aneros.

    As I'm playing with the aneros these few years I have leaned that I have trouble finding the prostate. When I use the aneros manually and I push the aneros thoward the prostate some juice is oozing out of my penis. This is not much.

    When using the aneros automatically some juice is oozing out of my penis but it's also not much.

    When reading about prostate massage I learned that it has to be a continous flow of juice coming out. That is not the case.

    I have tried a thicker aneros. Ripped my asshole open. Painfull and a trip to the doctor.

    While using the aneros i use lots of lube but i never have that special feeling of a super 'o'.

    What can i do to achieve that super 'o'?