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Pro Jr. for round two?
  • I'm back for round two with the aneros and I wanted the opinions of my friends here. But first a quick back story.  In may of this year I decided to give the helix syn a try as my first toy.  I was at the beginning of a long business trip and thought it would be something fun to try while away from the wife.  I was sold from day one and had pretty great results throughout the use.  With about a month left of my three month trip I picked up a eupho classic, I could definitely feel the difference but in the end it didn't feel as good as the helix.

    As my trip came to a close I played with the idea of bringing them back with me and introducing them to the wife but ended up deciding to pass for now.  I've spent the last few months practicing aneros-less session, I've definitely developed a new sensitivity and while I haven't been trying for a super-O I've definitely felt some pleasure from my prostate.  Even just looking at the different models on the website gets me hard and I can feel my prostate and anus twitch.

    Which leads me to my question.  I've decided to give the aneros another shot after a long break.  I'm trying to decide between getting the helix syn again or going with the Progasm Jr.  I'm a little concerned about the size, which is why its the Jr. at most, being that the only anal play I've experienced is with the aneros.  I'm really fascinated by the reviews if read from the Pro and Jr, I'd like to go for something a bit more aggressive and hard hitting.  I'm open to any advice for or against the Jr.
  • The Jr is the most recent addition to my collection.  I absolutely love it.  I don't find the size of the Jr to be intimidating at all, but I have been a user of the Progasmic Classic for many years now.  I like the hard plastic surface.  I find the Jr to be the most mobile of any of the models I own.  It's sleek as hell, and it takes almost no effort to get that thing moving.  Also, the p-tab is just perfect for me.  I own the Helix Syn, and almost find it's construction to be almost too comfortable if you catch my drift.  The P tab on the Progasm models is just right without being too aggressive.  I highly recommend this model.
  • PommiePommie
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    A warm welcome to the Aneros Forum!

    You will hear it said often in this forum, that we are all individuals. What works for one may not work for another. I guess you can only hope that any advice you get on which model to move onto will work for you but, You will probably get lots of different suggestions! 

    Seems to me that what you have already are just fine and if I were banished to s desert island, would take those two but might add the Progasm Junior. Actually my favourite right now is the smallest Peridise but I am four years of fairly constant use, down the track.

    IMHO, you should stick with your instinct and go with the Junior.