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  • Aneros2Aneros2
    Posts: 35
    Use this code for 20% off your order until Halloween!

  • What code?

    Oh, "device20"?
  • Aneros2Aneros2
    Posts: 35
  • Hi,

    I already have "Vice" what difference is this "DeVice" compared to "Vice"?
  • Aneros2Aneros2
    Posts: 35
    @nickgsl  If you already have the Vice, then just take out the vibrating bullet and -Voila!, you have the deVice.  Except the deVice doesn't have a hole so it won't ever vibrate.

  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    Thank you, Aneros2!  

    I just used the code to order a Vice.  The discount got me a lot closer to the prices I am seeing on Amazon for a Vice.  And, with the product warranty and customer care Aneros offers, it's a total no-brainer for me.