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Aneros for collectors.
  • I have several models now, and I've been wondering what other models there are that I might not have heard of. 

    The PS New springs to mind first. Its a unique design and I'd love to hear how it works. Is it even available? The HIH site looks long dead so I'm unsure about making an account and buying one. 
    There is one model I just read about that I'd like to have. I can't find any pics, but apparently its called the "PS 3 Fin". Are there any other discontinued models? What are the differences between them? Would anyone be willing to sell theirs? 
    For that matter, what are the differences between the different Progasm models? 

    BTW, I currently own both Syns, the full Peridise set, the Maximus, MGX, and the Progasm Jr. 
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Don't forget the Tempo, MGX, SGX, Vice, and on and on...

    I'd like to see pictures of some of the early models too. We need a "sticky" museum post!

  • I'll get those eventually. I'm buying two a month. Next month it'll be the classic Helix I haven't decided on yet. The Vice is last on the list because its so expensive. That and @Aneros2 says they're improving the Muze, so I'll wait for that.

    A museum thread would be cool. Maybe that should be a section in the wiki too?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Not sure where you got the idea that the HIH site is dead. Have just had a look and it seems alive to me.

    Of course there isn't as much activity there as that site concentrates more on the medical aspects of these devices.
  • BobandyBobandy
    Posts: 37
    I have the PS New and it's my favorite next to my Helix Syn.I really feel the movement with the PS New and it hits spots the Helix doesn't.  I used to dislike the "P" tab but now I hardly notice it, I think because of rotating thru my collection that no one spot becomes tender. The "Syn" models are very gentle on the perenium.  
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Not sure where you are - PS-New reality available in au, so should be around elsewhere
  • @Pommie. Well, nobody has posted on the forums in a year. To me that says the site is dead. That, and there is alot of old spam. I apologise for interpreting these things as a dead site.

    @Bobandy. How does the PS New feel? Those nubs aren't present on any other model, so I'm very curious.
    I might be a noob, but I have already noticed that my body wants a certain model at times. Even one size difference of the Peridise makes a huge difference. 

    @isvara. I mentioned it for two reasons. One is that its not available from here, when the other two got renamed and are available here. The other is that the inactivity on the HIH forums (for a year) made me think that the site is dead. 
  • Aneros2Aneros2
    Posts: 35
    @Wandering_Smoke  Yes, we still use the HIH website.  However, the forum on that site is totally dead.  For some reason it's set up where someone here needs to approve all posts before they're added...  and no one here checks that forum ever.  I'm sure there are hundreds of posts from the years just waiting to be approved.   :-??
     Oh & I don't think the PS 3 Fin is our model...  :-B  :D
  • Aneros2Aneros2
    Posts: 35
    @Wandering_Smoke  I found the PS 3 Fin !!  I have no idea where you'd get one of those. HAHA.
  • @Aneros2 Oh ok. Thanks. I made an account there and I'll probably buy a PS New next month...if I can't find one a little cheaper on Amazon.

    Nice! Thank you. I was wondering what the PS 3 Fin looked like. Its definitely unique. Looks like an experimental model. Very rare. *want*
  • I was wandering around here yesterday (this time going from user pages like I do on art sites like DeviantArt) and I saw a post by @buttercup mentioning a "Helix Special". Again, my efforts to find out more about it have turned up empty. What is the Helix Special?