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I think I just had three or four.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    Today I had another Aneros session, the first in 2 weeks or so. I added some teeth marks to my pillow. I'm pretty sure those were my first prostate orgasms.

    They felt really good. Not that amazing, but Aneros raises the bar for your expectations, and a good regular session is not far below a traditional orgasm even if you don't climax. I don't consider myself rewired, just a bit experienced. I believe the keys to Aneros are curiosity, patience and willingness to explore. You're operating in the dark and have indirect access to prostate, it will take time to find the good positions and moves.

    How did I manage it ?

    1. As usual, serious anal douching, about 5-6 times and wait for 3 minutes. After that, I put in Aneros with just a little soap to check if there's any brown stuff remaining. If yes, repeat until I'm confortable touching Aneros with my fingers. Maybe I'm pedantic, but this stage can easily take 20-30 minutes for me.

    2. Aneros Helix, the plain one, not Syn. I'm an extremely tall guy, and it's not too small by any means.

    3.  Silicone lube - it would destroy aneros Syn, which is made of silicone. I found ID Millennium to be extremely long lasting and very slippery. Unlike ID Glide, it doesn't give me (minor) flatulence. I can almost forget about re-lubing, and my session can last over a hour.
    This is how I lube:
    - put some lube on Aneros, put it in my ass. About a dozen contractions on my back (with legs bent) and in doggy position. Contract until you start feeling friction.
    - Take it out, re-apply lube. Pay special attention to the parts which feel dry. Then basically repeat the previous step. I lube myself internally by putting lube on aneros, putting it in and contracting. As many times as necessary, for example 4 before relaxation phase and 3-4 after.

    4. Relaxation for 15 minutes, in my favorite doggy position. Described below.

    5. Take it out for final lubing.

    6. Proceed with the session using a variant of doggy position. Picture below:

    The doggy variant works by far the best so far. The tell-tale sign that I'm in the right position is that my butt involuntarily clenches when I contract (I may need to run a dozen or so contractions first).

    My objective was just to massage and have as much pleasure as possible. I wasn't shooting for orgasm. I tried to make each next contraction pleasant, that's it. Mostly in the same position without (voluntary) movement of any kind. It felt very good and made me gasp many times.

    After about 30 minutes, I think I missed my target or something. I felt something strange, and had the idea to move back and forth slightly to try what happens when each contraction connects with different part of prostate.

    The result exceeded my expectations. I was unable to remain quiet, and within about 10 contractions I lost control of my arching body. I produced a LOUD moan, it lasted probaly 20-30 seconds and I started biting the pillow to avoid alarming neighbors.
    Within minutes, I tried the same method and to my surprise, it worked. And again. And again. Subsequent orgasms were progressively weaker, but I had great fun anyway.

    I'm not sure they were really orgasms, but I felt nothing like that before. There was no fluid coming out, the drop of precum hanging from my penis got very big, that's it. And I was totally unable to keep quiet. Each time I achieved this, I stopped feeling Aneros inside me, but I tried to continue contractions anyway. If they're orgasms, I'm not sure where they are on the scale.

    To wrap it up, getting into my special kind of doggy and touching different parts of prostate does the trick for me. But if you're not in a position which makes prostate contact so easy, it's not likely to make difference.

    Again, the sign you're in the right position seems to be that your butt clenches when you contract. Just keep doing that, forget about contracting stronger, just repeat and your body will guide you. Don't be afraid you won't reach it if you don't increase contraction strength. Your body won't let you to stay on low level for too long, it's automatic transmission.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    Don't know if I'm reading this right, are you getting whole butt-cheek clenching? That sounds like fun.