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The Break Session
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    The other day in chat gdunn put me onto a technique he uses that I've found some wonderful initial success with.  It involves taking regular breaks during a session.  That's it.  I could stop here.  But why don't I go ahead and explain.... ;-)

    First, let me repeat; WONDERFUL SUCCESS.  The caveat being that we are each at his own stage of progress with the Aneros.  This technique jacked up the intensity of my sessions (I've tried it 4 times now), gdunn told me it jacked his up, so I hope it will help you.

    Here's the basic idea:

    1.  Session for 30 minutes, Aneros in.

    2.  Remove Aneros and rest for 20 to 30 minutes.  [NOTE:  see below where I discuss substantially reducing break times]
    3.  Re-insert Aneros.  Session for about an hour.  (or if you want, just session until you are done and forget the following steps)

    4.  Remove Aneros and rest for 20 to 30 minutes.

    5.  Re-insert Aneros.  Session for about an hour.

    - repeat as desired

    FIRST THING:  These times are approximate.  Experiment as you see fit with the timing.


    First, I have found that the initial session is much more relaxed because I know there is a forced break coming early, so I have no expectations.  This is very liberating.  There's no 'pressure' to have anything start happening therefore I can relax and just really focus upon and enjoy the sensations.  I think this 'liberating factor' alone leads to a much better session for me.

    During the first rest break (as well as subsequent breaks) I am somewhat meditative and mildly active.  I pee, do some gentle stretching, and go into the living room to sit and just be aware of my feelings.  I move slowly through all of this and stay focused as if doing a very light form of walking meditation.  I get a sip of water, or a drink of coffee, or a glass of wine...whatever is appropriate for the moment.

    The contemplative quality of the rest breaks really contributes to the enjoyment of the session.  In general I feel that I am in much more intimate surroundings and carry a nice sense of well-being.

    Re-inserting the Aneros, I will add lube if I feel necessary.  Lying back down, the sensations come on rapidly, and strong.  

    It takes some courage to stop at the one hour mark and remove the Aneros right in the middle of SuperO'ing, but I do it and the rewards are pretty damn nice, so I'm confident in doing it now.

    I'm already reducing my break times; 20 minutes for the first break, 15 to 20 minutes max for the second break, shorter for any subsequent breaks.  Main thing is I'm listening to what my body is calling for.

    Given the apparent acceleration of sensations I don't see this as a time waster; in fact, it might be more time efficient considering the 'bang for the buck' you are getting out of this.  

    Try it out.  See what you think.  I wish you luck.

    And THANK YOU GDUNN for this awesome technique!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 570
    That's a very good idea. I'll try that in my next session. Thanks both AneRico and gdunn.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    Thank you, twlltin.  I'd really like to hear how your experimentation with this goes.
  • There is a similar type of session I use from time to time. Just in case I have all day by myself. I'd do it in multiple sessions: First session: relax only, but prostate would get very active, then at some point, it fades, then stop the session. Sit and breath only for 5-10 minutes Second session, do everything instead of just relax, after getting to a peak sensation, and wait for it to fade, break, sit and breath for 5-10minutes again. Then Repead second session. The only difference is that I take a break every time the peak sensation fades away, instead of timing it. Usually the big O happens from 4th to 6th session. after the break, every session would produce a big O. The good thing I found about the break is that. At the end of the break, you have a strong feeling of want to insert something, as soon as the insertion happens, you are in the best feeling right away. Also a hard erection can happen at the end of break, which some times make the insertion itself feel like a mini-O.
  • Thanks Anerico. I could not have said it better. I myself do not use a clock. I just take my helix syn out after 30-45 minutes and have a break of 15-30 min. Just relax and look forward to the 2nd session...
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    Gdunn, it's a good point to make; no need to be very stringent about the clock.  As I work with this technique I have been shortening my breaks up more too.

    Best to go by 'feel', not by what a clock says.
  • Turnrow
    Posts: 123

    I tried this last Saturday when I had the house to myself.  Amidst a lot of housework for my sweetie and puttering around the homeplace on Honey-Do projects, I credit six sessions of about 20 minutes each with teaching me to relax my pelvic floor muscles and let the pleasure build. 


    I cant wait for another opportunity to do this and may take a day off work to try it.  My breaks and time spent in each session varied.  No set time for either one given the work requirements of the day with pleasure mixed into my day.