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mangasm electro
  • Wondering if anyone here has tried and if so .. how they liked it.


    I wish aneros would come out with something like this.


  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    ive seen these around, they are just chinese made junk.  I think alex_xxx has experience with estim, maybe he would have some input.  I agree though with the idea, would be interesting if made by a upstanding company and quality to boot!
  • I'm not crazy about e stim.  Feels good initially, but has a numbing effect rather that a climbing effect.  However, can be good for foreplay with a partner, but kind of 'bleh' when it comes to solo sessions
  • the numbing effect can be because of the unit youre using. units like tens are made specifically to numb nerves to relieve pain. Id get a unit designed for pleasure instead... and stereo stim.. alot smoother than mono.