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Has anyone used a rocking fuck-chair? or a fuck-machine?
  • I'm wondering if I can use something like this. Anyone have any experience with using something like this anally? 

    Or what about one of those mechanical-looking fuck machines?
  • Well, being self-powered it's green, environmentally friendly, has a small carbon footprint. Everything else seems self-explanatory. It rock your socks off.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    looks more like a genital smashing torture device.  i don't see how that angle can effect penetration.

  • This sex machine looks very risky and even frightening! Something would happen and I would lose control over this machine. Serious injury may ensue.

    I appreciate and have grown to love the various Aneros models in my collection because they have developed in me absolute control in my sessions which over time has become not only powerful and also "subtle," which has produce hours of fun and pleasure for me!