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Question for users that experience relatively consistent good results.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Please try to describe as precise as possible how your sessions go whenever you are successfull. Including how much time do you spend doing each thing, when do you know you can move forward, any previous "rituals", your state of mind, how altered you are, if you have to be thinking about it all day, etc.
    I know there's no Super-O formula that we've found yet, but there are things that increase greatly your chances of success (for example, enemas)

    Also, any user that has had a couple of successfull sessions and remembers how they did it, please tell us too.

    I'll edit later with my own reply.

  • I now have two kinds of sessions:
    At Night (sleeping on and off)

    My rituals for waking sessions are pretty defined and followed to the T (hence, they are rituals):
    1. Make sure I'm clean inside by using warm water enemas to get all the junk out
    2. Warm the Aneros of choice and a water-based lube (Probe is my favorite) in slightly hotter than body temp water for about 10 minutes
    3. While the Aneros and lube are warming up, begin to rub my nipples with an oil-based lube (Alboline or my new favorite ID Glide Him Men's Lube, leather scented). This causes my penis to get hard for the start of the Aneros insertion and it also gets the tickling sensation going in my prostate.
    4. Once my shaft is hard, I lube my anus by inserting some of the warmed water-based lube into my rectum with a medicine syringe and then lube my anus with Vaseline. I also put a thin coat of Vaseline on the Aneros.
    5. My best sessions are when I elevate my legs on a stool or bath tub rim and then insert the Aneros. But, I can still get great results if I don't elevate my legs. I like to use a mirror to see what's going on so I have one close by, either to the side or directly in front of me.
    6. While I continue to rub one nipple, I insert the Aneros with the other hand and enjoy the sensation as it slides on in.
    7. Once in, I use both thumbs to massage my nipples. The prostate tickling sensation that I feel when I rub my nipples begins to ramp up and my penis becomes very hard and throbbing. After 10-minutes of this, I'm leakng pre-cum and entering an orgasmic kind of state....relaxed, feeling like I'm cumming but totally aroused as well. I can feel the prostate swell and I start to have anal orgrasms and then these spread to electic-like but pleasant sensations all over my body, including the shafts of the hairs on my legs, in my scrotum and up my back and arms, even to the top of my head.

    I contiue in this state for about an hour. Sometimes, during this time, I'll take a break and just kind of drift into a peaceful trance-like state...not asleep but almost dreaming. I'll not be doing anything during this time and then after 10-minutes or so, I begin to rub my nipples again and the sequence builds to a sustained SuperO, with varios peaks and valleys of intensity during the entire time. The orgrams last for minutes on end and be can repeated multiple times.

    One a number of occasions, I can feel the Aneros reaching past my prostate to massage the seminal vessles that lay just above it, which is very erotic. At this point, a large amount of prosate fluid begins to slowly flow out of my penis and the sensations as this makes it way down my urethera to the tip of my glans is awesome. This is not semen because it is clear and it's much larger than Cowpers gland secretions (pre-cum) because it forms more of a pubble than a couple of drops or drools and this can produce quite a pool of slick pre-cum/prostate fluid on my stomach. Often times, my pelivs involuntarily tips up as if to recevie more direct dstroking from the Aneros. All the contractions occuring in my pelvis and anus are autonomic at this point.

    When I'm done, I'm done. I many times try another session after an hour or more of rest and the second session is even more intense, as I can feel my seminal vessles above my testicles and in my groin area engorged and aching for release. I try to abstain from ejaculating in all these sessions and am successful most of the time in doing so.

    The night sessions are totally different.

    I make sure I'm clean again. I lube with Vaseline in my anus and on the Aneors of choice (usuallly the Helix Syn) I insert the Syn and then I lay in bed and go to sleep. I usually awake about an hour later with a raging hard on and the pulses of a prostate orgasm coming on. I start tickoing my nipples and this ramps everyting up a notch. My abs and butt muscles and anus are contracting in a very rythmical, rapid pattern. It's tremendusly sexy. I'll do this for an hour, drift off to sleep and then wake up again and repeat it, just like other's have described. I truly feel like my whole being becomes a giant penis, flowing with erotic energy.

    That's what I've been able to discern in terms of patterns and how to replicate the desired sensations.

  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Normally if I go to sleep while using the aneros I wake up after a long uncomfortable night hahaha, I guess I must be more consciouss of my own prostate for it to work.

    Sure did @AneRico , I'll read it tonight when I get some time alone
    Thank you too @newguy8762