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No ejaculation for long periods healthy?
  • cr4zyOnecr4zyOne
    Posts: 12
    I've been asking myself this question for a few days now.
    Tomorrow I am 3 weeks without having an traditional orgasm. It is a great experience so far. My arousal level is high all the time and sessions tend to be better.
    But how long is this healthy? I have read in a trantric forum (I think I got the link from this great forum) that its not a problem for men to do. But western medics (saw this on Wikipedia somewhere) say it could cause problems.

    I am thankful for your advice.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    As far as I have read there are no concerns even if you went months.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    My thoughts:
    There is a difference between no ejaculation as a result of no arousal and no interest where the genital area is unused or denied and therefore not refreshed with inflow of blood and stimulation, and being interested and stimulated, exercised and flooding the genital area with a regular over abundant supply of fresh blood.
    All this said it might be an idea to release the pressure from time to time to maintain the function of all the bits and to deal with the refractory feeling. There may be non energetic fun ways of the releasing that yet to be discovered.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    You may wish to read this article What is the Ejaculation Frequency for Optimum Men's Health and Longevity?. The question about ejaculation frequency has been discussed in several other threads before, see Prostate health and ejaculation frequency, How do you know when it is time to ejaculate? or Continence??? to name just a few.
    There is evidence that regular ejaculations in ones youth may reduce the incidence of developing prostate cancer later in life. However, there doesn't seem to be any evidence showing ill effects for men who have traditionally been celibate (and by implication non-ejaculatory) such as priests and monks. It seems there are many other (more important) factors which affect a man's health (particularly his sexual health) such as diet and lifestyle rather than his ejaculation frequency. Practitioners of male chastity often cite a period of once per month for a chaste male to have an ejaculatory orgasm or bi-weekly "milkings" (with no orgasm) to maintain prostate health. While there is probably no real consensus on what constitutes "too long" a period between ejaculations perhaps we can look to the female menstrual cycle as a natural guideline of approximately 28 days. This would make sense from a biological point of view of having mature sperm ready to inseminate an ovulating female at the peak of her fertile cycle.
    Studies have shown that immediately following ejaculation a man's testosterone level drops, there are also changes in levels of various other body hormones and neurotransmitters. These changes, while relatively minor compared to the immediate refractory period men experience, do take a period of time (approximately 7-10 days) to recover to homeostatic levels. This could indicate that too frequent ejaculations may be more debilitating than infrequent ejaculations, obviously age plays into this with the advantage going to youth. These scientific findings support the Taoist wisdom for men to control the frequency of their ejaculations.
    cr4zyOne said:

    Tomorrow I am 3 weeks without having an traditional orgasm. It is a great experience so far. My arousal level is high all the time and sessions tend to be better.

    As you have already discovered, there are definite advantages to postponing traditional ejaculations. First, you will feel an overall sense of vitality due to increased levels of available testosterone. Secondly, once your hormone levels are at their optimum levels, your arousal potential is maximized and your ability to experience pleasure is also maximized. This was discussed in the thread Aneros, Arousal & Abstinence. IMHO, you can delay ejaculation as long as you desire (though I would recommend 'cleaning the pipes' monthly) and you can experience as many dry-O's & Super-O's as you have time to enjoy.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • cr4zyOnecr4zyOne
    Posts: 12
    Thank you all for your answers.
    Thank you rumel. Your post are always very helpful. I will read through the links and see if my questions have already been solved.
    Unfortunatly I'm not yet at super o level. I am trying this abstinence to see where it is going to lead me. It' part of my yourney. 4 weeks sounds like a good advice also.
  • tek_kaitek_kai
    Posts: 5
    I will have to agree with Rumel on arousal potential.

    I am at 2 months without ejaculation, and the super O's are amazing.