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Understanding Aneros-less Super-O's: Looking for some insight and explanation
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    Well, I had the most amazing experience (ok, I'm still sort of new at this) this AM.  After a night session during which I fell asleep, and a morning 1 1/2 hour session with a  "good morning" reward, I was reading about 2 hours later, lying down and inadvertently (maybe not) brushed my nipples and immediately felt that intense pleasure sensation "down there" that I have noticed over the last month.  Up till now, I had checked to see if the nipple sensitivity was something I could initiate prostate/perineal pleasure with, without the Helix Syn in. And it didn't.  But today, I felt immediately that I was passing into that pre-O phase.  I ran upstairs, stripped and began an 2 hour experience that was so intense.  Though I have what I believe are super-O's for several months, I never had that wave of pleasure pass all through my body, and feeling it (fleetingly) in my spine, my chest and even in my legs.  And the incredible tranquility that followed was close to ecstatic. 
     It was clear to me that the intense pleasure leading to the orgasmic phase was lower down than the prostate--in the anal canal. And it was directly related to nipple stimulation.  When I stopped the stroking, brushing, flicking, the pleasure stopped and vice versa. I could knock myself over the edge just with the nipple work.  Down there, I felt a rotating tickle in my anal canal.  When I compare the perineal sensations of today's aneros-less session with my very pleasureable Helix sessions, it seems clear to me that what I've been experiencing in the last months has been mostly the anal experience (I'm not dissing it, they are wonderful).  Those sessions have mostly been "do nothing" sessions, with little full pulling upwards or prostatic stroking and little thrashing about.  So later today, I re-inserted my Helix and made sure that I got the prostate, and yep, it was a different experience.  I was able to get both prostate and anal sensations, and it was very, very good (even though I think I overdid my sessions--3 sessions, 2-3 hours each in the course of 14 hours).

    So I'd like to hear from my aneros co-travelers about the following questions
    1) do I have to do some more work to re-wire my prostate now that my anal sensations seem to be the prime site of pleasure for me
    2) Should I continue using the nipple stimulation (I guess I'm "worried" that it's a "crutch" that I'm using, since it works so well for me) or work on truly hands-free sessions and concentrate on my prostate?
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    Answering my own question (2): I just saw Turnrow's thread about nipple stimulation...Guess I should do a more thorough search before cluttering up the discussion topics.  But my first question stands.
  • I don't have any answers for your questions and would like to hear what others have to say. But I have a similar experience with getting p-waves and anal buzzing when I touch my nipples. In fact I've been starting my sessions without the aneros just to get a"baseline" on the anal pleasure versus the prostate. I've noticed also that the sensations in my nipples used to go directly to my penis but since using the aneros, they go to my anus. I get anal twitching and buzzing, and light p-waves. So I conclude that while nipple stimulation can be wired, it can also be rewired. Whether this is hampering our prostate rewiring, I leave to someone else to answer. I'm curious what others have to say about anal pleasure versus prostate pleasure. I've heard of anal orgasms; maybe this is what they refer to. It sounds like your description of your experience without the aneros and with just nipple stimulation.

    Let me clarify, I still get the most intense p-waves with the aneros in. The anal pleasure is in addition to that and seems to amplify the prostate arousal.
  • I had been eagerly awaiting my first prostate massager, a helix syn, in the mail.  I received my peridise set a few days earlier and had a wonderful session with the little advanced one.  So, there I am, it didn't arrive, and my butt was twitching with need.  My wife came home; it wasn't gonna happen.  So I decided to catch some z.s.  Under the covers, I felt a pwave coming; so I rode it.  I had a peridise-style super O; four peaks and three convulsions, working my pc muscles with the peridise wands all safe in their red case.  Surprise!   So this is something I can analyze and experiment with  in the future. 
  • Now you have your own personal discreet built-in portable internal invisible device-less device, Warren, to access less-ly whenever and wherever you want. yay.
  • Damndest thing ... now I have the helix syn, and it's just fine ... but now I'm so sensitized I can have a p-wave just my asking myself for it.  It's good for a mini for about 15 or 20 seconds.  

    I've been watching Masters of Sex; maybe I'll ask if there is any researcher at the Mayo Clinic downtown who would be interested in no-touch orgasms on demand.