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Interesting progress and many interogation.
  • vitessevitesse
    Posts: 9
    I have an aneros for quite some time, in fact I bought the first model when they began. I only discover this forum recently and I decided to read it and try to do something usefull with my aneros. Since that I bought a second one, an Helix Classic.

    First of all I'm able to get interesting and sometime intense pleasure from them. I found easier to get sensation with my old aneros than my new helix.

    I'm not able to reproduce same sensation every time I use it so it's always different. Sometime I'm able to get it move by itself, sometime not and sometime it move by itself but not as pleasurable as other technique. For unknown reason I seem to get better sensation when I change the way I use it. Varying the "trick" inside a session seem to work better too, liek the do nothing technique, the forced contraction, deep respiration, deep relaxation, etc, etc

    I don't think I ever get a P-ways or a dry O or anything like that. I  get a few time an "euphoric sensation" that don't last, because I can't concentrate enough to maintain it and sometime I get involuntary spasm of my whole body but for only few second and it stop. I guest i'm always close to something but never get it.

    The thing that intrigue me the most is that since I try to get the super O and use my Aneros the way it suppose to be used I often get tingling sensation inside my urethra or something similar that I would need to pee, but I don't need to. I get these sensation for many hour after I stop using the aneros. Sometime this sensation seem really pleasurable and my whole body feel great, but I even don't do anything erotic to get these strange sensation, like consulting web page, going shopping, etc, etc.  Is that part of re-wirering process? Anywone else as already see the same thing?

    Is the body shaking a sign I'm near a Dry O or super O?

    Many people report that they are in urge to pee and always get a tower just in case they pee, is this possible for everyone or only a portion of us can do that? I would like to experience this but never been successful. I began to think it's not for everyone maybe.
  • When I first began with Aneros I used to have the urge to urinate during a session.  In time that will pass.  On occasion, I will have to get up and go pee in the middle of a session, but that usually only happens when I forget to empty out right before.  It's no problem, I just leave the Aneros where it is, do my business, and then lay back down.

    After six years, I still don't really know what the general idea of a super O is.  The body shaking for me has progressively continued, tonight I shook for nearly and hour straight, sometimes lightly, sometimes fierce.  Regardless, the journey has always been pleasant and always gets better.

    I agree with you when it comes to the "tricking."  I use different models, sometimes music, sometimes porn, sometimes nothing at all.  Sometimes I like to build up arousal before beginning, sometimes I like to dive right in.  I try to never recreate to the same experience, and keep my mind free from expectation.

    Good luck on your journey!  Sounds like you are definitely on the right path