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All New Beginners, Advanced Anerosians and Guys thats trying to get over the Hump
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I have been seeing a lot of guys in the chat and in the blogs and forums talking about not getting the experience they want. I just stated in the chat a couple of minutes ago that the prostate is a very delegate part of the body. If it is not 1.Clean, 2.Calm & 3.Respected then it will not send out those good vibes. The prostate likes to play and it loves to please. But as the owner if your rushing it, or not treating it properly it will not function the way you want it to. See I have grasped it very well and have had a very eventful 5 month journey but it has not been great for everyone else. So I am here to help a little. There are a lot of aneros mp3's created by a lot of guys here included my self. But I have recently been listening to crashing ocean waves. After listening to @brine mp3 session and hearing him talking about the calm sea's  decided how about I morph my self to a beach mentally.

    So here is a youtube video of Relaxing Ocean Crashing waves 

    If you want to you can do what I did and put the link in this website here

    and make it a mp3 so you can put it on your computer or on the ipod for travel fun.

    It really makes my orgasms that much better and funnier to have. So I hope I have helped at least one guy. Ride on brothers

    Big O Luver