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Question about nipple stimulation
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    I joined this website a couple of years ago but had little privacy to work with the aneros.  During those years I worked with my nipples at various times when I could in the privacy of my business and home.  As a result, I learned to send sexual energy and P waves all over my body that I enjoyed tremendously.  Basically these were LESS sessions and still today, my less sessions are more productive than my aneros sessions.

    When my son moved out of our house in June and vacated the upstairs, that became my compound/mancave to do aneros work in the early morning.  Since June, I have made some advances and have had a couple of sessions that approached mini Os.  These were times when my prostate was pulsing, I was breathing hard, pleasure was rising from my groin and precum was flowing before the pleasure stopped.

    I need your help.  I am hooked on working my nipples to feel anything pleasurable as far as P waves and the build up of pleasure.  I see posts by guys who stated that their journey to the super O was thru prostate pleasure alone with the aneros working thier prostate and no involvement of the nipples.  For me, without my nipples, I would be dead in the water on any pleasant feelings working with the aneros.

    So after 10 weeks or so, I am wondering if I am going about my journey to the super O in a misdirected fashion.  The Wiki does mention nipple play as a way to get arousal and build up going.  But I get the sense that most guys start their journey with anero prostate stimulation with nipple stimulation  being a peripheral or secondary help.  Am I wrong to be so involved with my nipples in seeking to be rewired?  My nipples are more erogenous than any other part of my body now midway into my sixth decade.

    Thanks for any input.

  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    @turnrow There are ways to get to that satisfying super O feeling. Its a very easy step to do but hard cause of the will to touch. But to get those same sensations without touching the nipples is to not touch your self at all. I say get you some nice aneros mp3 listening or I found that crashing ocean waves really get me started. To just let the waves run through you naturally will make you feel so good.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

      But to get those same sensations without touching the nipples is to not touch your self at all.


    So Oluver, are you recommending that I not touch my nipples and go wtih the mp3 listening?  Thanks for responding.  Please clarify.

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Serving suggestion only:
    • Prepare for an Aneros session (get the device and lube, clean yourself out, etc.)
    • Start session by getting yourself to an excited state, sitting, doing nipple/breast stimulation. (Don't forget the whole breast can be erogenous too.)
    • Insert the Aneros device and lie down with it in. Get comfortable. If you're on your back, your arms should be at your side but not touching the body, and legs slightly apart. Put a pillow under your knees if it helps.
    • Relax. Don't touch the nipples. Relax more.
    • Breathe into the belly (diaphragmatic breathing). Concentrate on doing slow, drawn out breaths. Do not hyperventillate -- you don't want to get light headed from overdoing the breathing.
    • On the exhales, gently bear down with your diaphragm and abdominals. The rectal, anal and PC muscles should be allowed to adopt their natural relaxed state.
    • Try to clear your mind. If you want, repeat a simple phrase in your head, eg. "I am relaxed. This feels good." Just concentrate on the breathing and don't try to influence what your body is doing (relax your control).
    • And that's it. If nothing is happening after an hour, stop at that point. If (as I suspect it might) you're starting to get interesting little twitches etc. do continue until they subside.
    • Resist the temptation to "help". Your only task should to keep breathing. The body must be allowed to do its own thing.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    Thanks Twlltin.

    Seems like I have gone at this all wrong.  I have had some good sessions, but all of them involved nipple stimulation. 

    Any other comments out there????

  • I also have always had very sensitive and sexual nips and use them primarily (along with the other erogenous places) and the aneros, to get intense p-waves. The nipples are even more erotic than touching my penis. I've been self conscious about using them during sex in the past because most men that I know don't touch them to get aroused (I'm gay). If I didn't touch them, it would be much harder to get aroused and I would have to use my penis. Definitely use all your erogenous places (except your penis in the beginning) to go for the big O. I haven't gotten there yet but doubt I would have gotten this far without my nips. Use all the tools that you have. You're very lucky to have sensitive nips.
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    @turnrow yes don't touch. you don;t want to become to dependent on the nipples. If you do they may become numb pertaining to sexual acts then you won't have them at your use any more. So I say don't touch. Go to @euphemistic and ask for some of his mp3's or @rumel 
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Good questions, Turnrow.  I tried every approach I could imagine for over 6 months at the first before I read about a suggestion to tickle my nipples to get sensations started.  Up to that point, my nipples were about as sensitive as a piece of rock, but within a very short time, tickling my nipples after I'd relaxed about 10 minutes with the Aneros in while holding gentle PC muscle contractions--that is a gentle pulling in contraction like you're holding in your urine, not pulling with your anus--really got things started.  Now, all I have to do is tickle my nipples for a couple minutes with my Aneros in, and incredible orgasms start. On occasions I've been so "ready" for prostate stimulation (which after awhile you can "feel" inside) I've gotten orgasms to start without tickling my nipples, but it's such a sure fire way for me to get feelings going that I use it often and suggest it to others.

    Actually, throughout my sessions (which are about twice a week and relatively short, usually no more than 30 minutes) I keep up fairly steady gentle nipple tickling.  It makes the orgasms come with higher peaks and last longer and thus has simply become a part of what I do.  The little electric feeling "shocks" that go straight to the prostate when you first starting tickling them in a session feels fantastic too.

    I don't think that using nipple stimulation as a "secondary" means of getting feelings started is a wrong approach at all.  I hope you have some success as you continue.  Just remember in each session, whether you feel a lot or a little to simply relax and enjoy the interesting feelings as they come.  Getting up tight in any way or holding some expectation at any given time is a sure fire way to kill any good feelings that start.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Turnrow said:

    ... I get the sense that most guys start their journey with anero prostate stimulation with nipple stimulation  being a peripheral or secondary help.  Am I wrong to be so involved with my nipples in seeking to be rewired?  My nipples are more erogenous than any other part of my body now midway into my sixth decade.

    The Aneros WIKI does address Nipple and breast stimulation as aides to arousal and many men have included nipple stimulation as an integral part of their practice from the beginning. IMHO, 'BigOluver' may be overstating a potential numbing effect, I think that is likely to occur only if you use too intense stimulation for too long a period. I think your use of nipple stim is a perfectly valid approach to elevating your arousal level but if it seems to become less effective then perhaps ceasing for a short time would be advisable. I don't think it will help to increase the intensity of nipple stim in hopes of increasing your arousal level.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    As I expanded in chat, my thought is that Turnrow is now so sensitive to nipple stim that it's overpowering the more subtle sensations from the prostate. Hence my suggestion which should allow space for that to blossom.

    Use nipple/breast stimulation to generate initial arousal, then move on to the session proper.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I guess I can be proof that we are all built differently!

    A couple of years ago I went through a phase of being interested in nipple stimulation and even felt I was actually getting somewhere with it, receiving some mild pleasurable feelings from it. At that time I had some communication with the guru of nipple orgasm, @Wuerstchen. After a couple of months I began to feel that nipple stim was actually becoming distracting and so I gave it up.

    That is about the position I am at today. Whenever I have tried it lately, it seems to have produced no response at all, so I haven't pursued it.
  • I thought that I was doing too much nipple stimulation at the wrong time. See, I never knew that my nipples were sensitive at all until I read about it here. That was shortly before I got my first Aneros (Helix Syn). I've been doing ALOT of experimenting, and I came to the same conclusion. A little (little) before you insert the Aneros is good. Generally, none during a session is best. If you remove the Aneros while still horny, you can use nipple stimulation with another technique (hard to describe but I read something similar about it here) to basically piss out all your precum. That will leave you with a strange mix of satisfied and a strong need to finish. If you don't finish, you should be able to go a few more days. This is just personal observation of how my body reacts.
  • I agree with Ponnie, we are all built differently. I sense that my nipples are directly connected to my prostate because I am immediately aware of sensations from my prostate when I first touch my nips and the prostate arousal is directly proportional to the duration and intensity of the touching. The effect is different when touching the left or right nipple, and is very much magnified by touching both at the same time. I have to be careful not to irritate them so I use a lot of lube on them. They have only become more sexually arousing in this way. I do switch off, when I've plateaued, to other erogenous places. I've discovered that for me switching from right to left hand changes the quality of the sensation and renews the arousal effect. My sense is that since I started using my nips to get aroused in my teens, I've actually hard wired them to my other erogenous places including my prostate. So now for me it's more unthinkable to abstain from my nips to get aroused than my penis. They're all connected, at least for me. I have had no negative effects from stimulating them if i take care of them. If the prostate and the area around it are the nexus of arousal and the path to the super O, then for me that path seems to lead directly through my nipples! Maybe for others it depends on whether you've developed them as a source of arousal and how far along you are in developing them. If you haven't done the work, then maybe you should concentrate on other sources of arousal. But if you haven't discovered them yet, don't be discouraged by the negative talk about nipples. Do at least try them.

    On the other hand I can't say that I've had any kind of orgasm by nipple stimulation alone but I don't hold that against them. Like the prostate they all play a role.
  • My nipples are wired to my penis, my prostate, my scrotum, and basically my whole body.  I can use my mind to direct the sensation from nipple stimulation to a particular body part or area.  Sometimes I have whole body orgasms where there is a wave of pleasure throughout my body from nipple stimulation.  I had the experience a few weeks ago where I had been doing some lengthy yard work, cutting grass with a manual lawnmower for over 2 hours.  I paused for a break, sat down, touched my nipple and immediately felt  orgasmic pleasure, with ejaculation imminent.  I felt this for over a minute and had to suspend all motion to keep from going over the edge.  This happened again a couple days later.  What shocked me was how quickly it happened.  It was like a fast car going from 0 to 90 miles per hour in a couple of seconds.  I was working, not even thinking about sexual things, until I stopped working, sat down, and touched my nipple.  My scrotum has also become much more sensitive to massage and holding, feeling.  Allowing my mind to absorb these sensations has been a great experience of expanding my consciousness to feel how erotic all parts of my body are.  I occasionally suck my toes, and when I stim my nipples at the same time, it is awesome, as I feel pleasure from head to toes, literally.  At age 58, I am learning that I really know very little about sexual pleasure.  I want to spend more time in meditation, just relaxing, just being.
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176 this a great website for support or what?

    Thanks to all you men who commented.  To describe myself, I am most like slimjm, euphemistic, and RayMitchell in the use of my nipples.

    When I tweak my nipples, it is not my nipples or chest muscles I am getting sensations in.  Nipple stimulation for me produces a buzzing like a hornet or bumblebee in my prostate, dickhead, anus, or anywhere I mentally direct the sexual energy to go.  From those pleasant p waves and/or buzzing, I try to relax further and suggest that the feelings build and intensify. 

    I realize that this is all about prostate rewiring and not nipple or chest muscle rewiring.  Having read many stories in the past two years, I am convinced that the wisdom of AnnieRico is sound.  There are many methods espoused here on this website to get the prostate rewired.  CaveofMystery has PC and Anus muscle contractions to fatigue the muscles.  The Do Nothing/Do something approach is antithetical to CaveofMysteries approach.  Alex has introduced shallow breathing.  The website is replete with many methods.

    But I believe that AnnieRico is correct.  A man must follow the path that causes his prostate to swell, pulse and throb. 

    To Twilltin who took so much time to enumerate his steps.  Thanks. I tried this this morning with a good bit of anal twitching but absolutely no P waves in my prostate.  So I can only assume if I take a hands off approach to my nipples, that that anal twitching is supposed to at some point make my prostate awaken in some manner with P waves that progress on to mini Os, then Dry Os, then the super O.

    Thanks again men for your comments.  I really want this to happen and to rejunvenate my aged body and sexuality.  I am open to any other comments or suggestions. 

  • i second AnnieRico's thoughts but with a refinement. As I write this, I'm in an intermission in my aneros session right now and have been noticing how I use my nipples and trying variations to see what works for me. Continuous nipple stimulation does get me more aroused but at some point it distracts me from my prostate. So I take a break from my nipples and put my attention only on my prostate, notice what's going on, and then scan my other erogenous places. Sometimes This keeps me aware of any anal twitching or contractions which is what I'm going for. They can drive the device automatically and repeatedly across the prostate in my understanding. Sometimes I can balance my attention among every part of my body at once. That's the closest I've gotten to a dry or super O. I just received a classic progasm today and am trying it for the first time. it's amazing, touches my prostate immediately on insertion and sends continuous p-waves up and down my body. I don't know how I can get any more aroused and not have a orgasm but again, the trip is very fine indeed.

    So back to my session. Again, try giving your nipples a break and even take breaks during your session. I find I come back without losing a beat very quickly and at a much higher level of arousal than before.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Turnrow said:

    To Twilltin who took so much time to enumerate his steps.  Thanks. I tried this this morning with a good bit of anal twitching but absolutely no P waves in my prostate.

    Rome wasn't built in a day! It's good that you had some twitching. Now, see if you can feel where the device is touching you inside. (It's OK if you can't feel anything happening there -- not feeling anything happening doesn't mean that nothing is happening.)
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    Thanks Twilltin

    I will try what you are telling me.  I have said to myself in aneros sessions just what you said....."not feeling anything happening doesnt mean hat nothing is happening."


    I find this to be true because with the mental directing of P Waves, sometimes there is a delay of P Waves after patience and a type of mental faith that P waves are going to develop is necessary.  Does that make any sense?  Yet, I have found that delay to be true in developing P waves at various spots on my body and I would think that focusing mental energy on the main and prize spot fo the male body (the prostate) would work as well.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @turnrow, my experience has been that nipple stim gets things started immediately and very pleasureable.  Its like my nips are directly connected to my prostate.  I usually stim both at the same time, doing one or the other doesnt seem to cause as much pleasure.  The stimulation ALWAYS leads to a raging hard-on which tends to kill the prostate feelings, and then eventually my nips will lose all feelings and the stimulation ceases.  If I wait for a bit, couple of minutes, the sensations will come back just as good which leads to another raging hard-on.  So as you can see its a vicious cycle which never seems to lead to any kind of orgasm even though its extremely pleasureable.  I keep thinking that one day it will lead to something, but so far nothing.  As for the rewiring aspect, I have no idea if its good or bad.  I think as others have said, each of us has a path to the super O, we just need to try different things and take our time, eventually the path will appear.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    To add a couple more thoughts, I do tickle my nipples a little before insertion which improves the whole arousal process.  Additionally, I feel no real difference tickling one nipple as compared to the other.  Generally, tickling both brings on the most intense responses.  Unlike ineverknew, nipple tickling does not produce penile sensations that "kill" prostate feelings for me, but just like stepping on the gas in a fast automobile, accelerates the orgasms to come more quickly and intensely.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Great discussion. I've been playing with this lately. Aneros use has caused my nipples to become very sensitive (my wife loves it!). Stimulating them gets me to Super-O territory quickly. But, I have found that nipple stimulation can kind of dilute the prostate feelings. I seem to develop a deeper, more intense, more focused, prostate energy by not stimulating my nipples. I don't always reach Super-O, but the energy is very intense and feels like it is leading to something new.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833

    Yes, nips are second only to my prostate as a major stim point and,  mine usually erect two or three seconds after my prostate senses the presence of an Aneros toy.

    It's not all just about the prostate and nips.   As you would with a g/f or perhaps a male partner explore the body to find all manner of erogenous spots.  Share your affection and foreplay across the physical breadth of your body.  Otherwise a session can tend to be a 'wham-bam-thankyoumam' encounter...not much better than a quick wank to seek relief from sexual tension.

    Since we are hands-free, feet-free and tongue/lips-free during most of a session, use those wonderful god-given body parts to expand session pleasure to the whole body.

    In addition to my prostate, my five favorite stims for orgasmic sessions are:

       --- three or four seconds of gentle left-nip flicks alternated by a couple of gentle brushes along the hair on my left triceps.

       --- as the first hint of tremor crawls up my Psoas and into my Dan Tien I move my left hand to my abdomen to co-ordinate a male deer exercise with my nip flicks and tricep brushes.   I'll usually swap out the male deer circling with a finger to the back of the scrotum where I can tap on the p-tab in sync with a nipple flick.

     ---  Soft pallet sucking isn't a major stim for me but I do like to alternate it with some sucking action on a knuckle or other toy.   Good way for me to move into calm seas following an intense dry-O....

      --- I like to strike the sole of my left foot with my right toenail, sending an electric-like pulse up my left leg into my perineum and onward to my core chakras.   Usually works to regenerate a session that's driftng away.   (note:  my right sole isn't very sensitive -- just the left one)

    Everyone's body has subtle differences from the 'average bear' find your own stim points and enjoy.

    Each nip has three or four very tiny sensitive spots each about the size of a couple of pin heads.  I sually start with the left nip, touching or flicking it for only a few seconds and when the pleasure peaks, move my right hand to apply a gentle brushing action to the hair on my left tricep.   (suggestion  find your own spot to alternate with a nip).   Meanwhile as the warmth builds in my Dan Tien (naval chakra) my left hand moves to my abdomen for a male deer exercise.   Encircling my scrotum with a finger I apply come momentary pressre to the p-tab and coortiinate that pulse with a nipple flick.

    The important thing for me is to mentally focus on the pleasure my prostate and nips arre receiving while encouraging other sensitive spots on my body to join into a symphony of self-love.

    Over the last four years those spots have grown to include the sole of my left foot (struck with the toenail of my large right toe)  That sends an electric-like impulse up my left leg toenzil of the right large

    hfrom the tool while sharing

    touch or flick those with only a fingernail for a few seco a couple of seconds or the aneros

    early in the development of a session aimed at orgasm I combine gentle nip stim using one hand with a male deer exerci

  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176


    So many good suggestions and methods of self discovery.

    Rook, I just tried your tricep/nipple stimultation method with wonderful p waves that predominated in my abs that further intensified with the male deer exercise.

    Your right toe method to the sole of my left foot produced results similar to what you describe.  An electric shooting pleasure wave up to abs and prostate.

    Is all this stuff in the Inner Smile  book you recommended to me????

    Thanks again guys for all the advice.  This is a lot to chew on but with your coming to my aid, I feel I can move to the next level.   

    Any other comments or suggestions??????? 

  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    Silly me!  I just posted Turnrow's question elsewhere regarding nipple stimulation and whether relying on it can be detrimental to progress.  And here' you all are, giving excellent (if varied) advice.  I have noticed my nipple sensitivity over the last 2 months or so (10 months with the Helix) and it's gotten so that once inserted, a few flicks or brushes of my nipples (simultaneously) immediately gets me into the P waves and I have used super-light nipple stimulation through a 30 minute multiple O marathon, that was incredibly intense.  Just today, after having finished a Helix session, I was reading while lying down and inadvertently brushed my nipple through my t-shirt and immediately felt that same zap down there, aneros-less.  I ran upstairs, stripped and had one of the most intense super O's ever, with the blissful experience afterwards that people have described  that I actually haven't had before  Like Turnrow, though, I am aware that I might be relying on the nipple sensitivity too much, as a crutch, so I'm going to lay off and see.  Thanks to all of you for your caring and sage advice, especially euphemistic, rook, slimjm,Xileh,ineverknew,and twiltin.
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Turnrow (and everyone else commenting here):
    I'm one of those guys for whom nipple stimulation has become a essential ingredient of the Aneros experience. Prior to using the Aneros, my nipples weren't an erogenous zone at all. I don't think I even thought of them. After a couple months of using the Aneros and reading suggestions on the forum to lightly rub/tickle nipples, things started taking off. They've been that way ever since.

    To me, when I gently/lightly massaging my nipples (with an oil-based lube so it lasts a long, long time) I immediately begin to feel a very sexual, pleasurable tickle inside my pelvis area, directly below my belly button but slightly above the major bunch of my pubic hair. I assume this is the nerves running through the nipples causing my prostate to stir to life. If I do this rubbing without an Aneros inserted and continue for a couple minutes, my anus begins to actually quiver. I can actually feel my prostate engorge and as SlimJim said, I begin to intensely crave something inside. The feeling is very similar to the intense pleasure you get if you lightly caress your frenulum (the more sensitive area of skin on the shaft of your penis on the underside, right below your glans corona). To me, this sensation is so similar, it's comparing sensations at two ends of the same pole. In fact, I think that's what it's like. The prostate is like the root of your penis and the glans/frenulum is the opposite end of the same pole. The nipple stroking activate the nerves running through them and in turn stimulate the same area of the brain where the nerves from the prostate send their signals, so the two area become merged. At least that's how I imagine it.

    Indicentally, my wife notices the same sensations in her clitorus when I suck her nipples. She has always said there's like a direct wire from her nipples to her clitorus and it greatly enhances her sexual pleasure when I suck her nipples while at the same time rub her clit and insert my fingers in her vagina. There are many times she's begged for my fingers or penis insider her after some time of this kind of play and she always gives a sigh of intense sexual relief "oh yaaaaaa"...which is the same expression and I imagine, feeling I have, when she penetrates me or when I put an Aneros insidie. I also notice this cause her labia to swell and her vagina to become more lubricated. When she does the nipple play with me or I do it with myself, I become hard, my scrotum contracts and becomes very dark in color and I begin to leadk pre-cum. It's very good. I guess this is why God invented foreplay!

    Continuing the analogy, just like sucking my wife's nipples makes her wet and ready for my penis inside her, sucking my nipples has become like foreplay for my anus and prostate. And after this, I can usually pump in intercourse for a much longer time than if we don't do it. So, it has great benefits for my fire.

    My wife has enjoyably learned to do this and she delights in bringing me to the point of groaning and moaning and almost begging for a well-lubed finger to slide on in! She usually sucks one nipple while rubbing the other until she slides a finger or two in me for a manual prostate massage. The feeling of bonding and oneness with her along with release/relief when her fingers are in me and she's sucking my nipples are incredible. I guess there's just something very intimate about either being in another person on having them be in you. It's so gratifying to be able to totally abandon yourself to the pleasure being given by someone who absolutely loves you and wants to pleasure you and is thrilled when they get you moaning and dripping with pre-cum. What a great comfort and well as a heck of a lot of fun!

    I do notice a difference if I massage both my nipples versus just one. I'm right-handed and so my left nipple is most dominant in terms of pleasure (the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa). If I'm using an Aneros on my own and massaging my nipples, I use my left thumb on my left nipple and my right thumb on my right nipple. Sometimes, I'll cross my hands across my chest and use a right-hand/left nipple / left-hand/right nipple combination. This produces some noticable differences but still very pleasurable.

    I have never had a prostate orgasm or Super O from just nipple stimulation but it predictably gets me very hard and throbbing inside, even without an Aneros of finger in me.

    I think everyone has given good advice here and it just goes to show that we're all very much alike but at the same time, different strokes work for different folks.

    I say, experiment with different apporahces. What's the harm?
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    Thanks, newguy, for your time and your unabridged explanation of how your nipples work for you.

    You sound like you have the best of all worlds aneroswise and with your sweetie.  You are one blessed dude and a model for sexual freedom in marriage. 

    I know that you are religious and you and your wife need to coauthor a book, anonymous if needed, for other Christian couples to open up sexually in total sexual freedom.

    To Rook, I have tried all your suggestions with the aneros this morning.  Those are fabulous suggestions that really do UP arousal and pleasure working with the aneros.

    I think the rewiring is slowly taking place in my body.  Yesterday in sex with my sweetie with no PDE5 drug at my age, my prostate began to pulse as she pulled on my nipples.  My erection went back twenty years in firmness.  With my prostate glowing with nipple action, I had one of the best orgasms of my life.   So thankful today to all you guys and the One who made the male body so intricately and pleasurably.