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Perinium so sensitive but prostate
  • So I've been able to cum with aneros but not often but with a vibrator on my perinium, I can start feeling soo much pleasure in about 15 seconds after contact. A vibrator on my perinium means I cum really hard. Like I'm not even sure a perinium is suppose to be so sensitive like in a minute or 2 after contact, I'm breathing hard, body tightens up, my body tingles up a ton and my penis is really hard and I have an intense pee feeling. Feels soon good! Anyway to do this with aneros all the time? If I wait a week and do it on my premium, it's sometimes to intense and the orgasm is to much to handle. Why doesn't the aneros do this often?
  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    What are you doing exactly?  Putting a vibrator directly on the perineum or using the aneros device and putting the vibrator on that?  Just a vibrator on my perineum doesn't do much for me, but everyone is different.  
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  • Ive used a back massager to aggressively vibrate my prostate externally. The sensation wasn't all that great but it certainly made me ejaculate very quickly.