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It's time now for a Maximus Syn and Maximus Ice
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 787
    Hi guys,

    It was the Helix Syn which introduced me to my Aneros sessions in early June 2012. In early August, I began using Maximus Classic, and in mid September I began working with Progasm Ice. These three models along with Progasm Classic helped me along greatly in my Aneros journey.

    A month ago in July, I began using both Eupho Syn and DeVice, two awesome silicone models. A month before, in early June 2013, I observed my first Aneros anniversary with renewed appreciation for Helix Syn. These three silicone models have enabled me to progress along even more greatly in my Aneros journey through their soft, sleek Aneros action.

    In the meantime, Maximus Classic continues to be a mainstay of my Aneros sessions, along with his big, bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. It would be nice now if the Aneros Company could develop and bring to market Maximus Syn and Maximus Ice models. Aneros Maximus Classic has an unique shape. This shape could be enhanced even more with Maximus Syn and Maximus Ice models for greater, more pleasurable Anerosing.

    Take care,

  • I second the motion for making the Maximus Syn.I really enjoy the classic and can only imagine how much smoother it would be in syn form.How about it guys?
  • I agree - Maximus SYN would be a good idea. I've been trying HELEX SYN is soft and pliable, but not easy to clean with paper.
  • I would definitely like a Maximus Syn. That and an MGX Syn are the two models I'd like to see in the near future. Maximus first though ;)