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Masking some progress....I think
  • So I took the time tonight to put in the Helix and see if I could progress any further towards a Super O and get any new sensations. Nothing really new for a while. After a while, I think I did notice slight sensations, 1 or 2 may have been slightly pleasurable. At one point I thought I felt a warm sensation near my scrotum, but I could have been mistaken. Also, I would randomly get strong erections and at one point could feel it pulsing for about a minute. My belly also seemed to be pulsing. After about an hour, I switched to the Progasm. Nothing really interesting happened, but at some point I did start to leak precum. Not heavily, just a little bit. All the while I was switching positions, watching some erotic videos, and doing contractions. I've been using Aneros for about 6 months non-regularly. Nothing ground-breaking, and just a new sensation or two. I can feel it going out and in if I breathe through my stomach expanding. That did bring on some interesting sensations. I eventually ended with a regular penile orgasm, which didn't take long, I was already really sensitive.

    My question is, does it sound like i'm making good progress? This was the first time I took it seriously and took the time to listen to my body.

    The only thing I'm not sure about are the involuntaries. If I suck in and push out at the same time, I can trigger spasms (they feel like they're in my pelvic wall) and my penis will spasm out with it. But they don't feel pleasurable at all, just twitching. Is this an involuntary?

    Last statement before I post. I can also suck in my anus really deep and this brings on spasms and a very light numb (yet almost pleasurable) sensation. This is with or without the aneros toy. What could this be?

  • I'm no expert,but you are having reactions to the toy for sure.I'm sure you've read about the do nothing method.I think for beginners,this is the best method.After insertion,just lay back and vision the toy resting against your prostate and relax with deep breaths.You will begin to feel small things,a warm feeling,a twitch,swelling of the peremium.Just relax and enjoy,you can't force it to happen.Start contractions slowly and gently,too hard and you will kill it.Again,stay relaxed and go slow.This is easier said than done I know but the older users tried to tell me this when I started.It took me almost a year to figure out they were right.

    Good Luck!!

  • Thank you for the advice! If any other users want to chime in, feel welcome. I'm an open book. Always open for opinion.