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Anerosless Super-O Marathon
  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    Yesterday, I decided to take a few days off from the Aneros.  I had been sessioning daily for several days in a row.  The sessions were long (3-4 hours) and I was getting diminishing returns.

    Last night I was fairly tired when I went to bed around 8pm.  Decided to browse the internet on my laptop; then thought maybe I'd browse some porn and see if I even had any interest in perhaps masturbating.

    A few minutes into browsing porn I started getting sensations and muscle twitches in my anus.  "Hmm...", I thought, "I know where this may be going."

    So I got comfortable and decided to see what would be produced.  I'm currently pretty new at this and practice the "Do Nothing" method.  

    I began getting Mini-O's and P-Waves.

    After 30 minutes of that, the Super-O's started.

    I decided to let them run for as long as they wanted.  It ended up being 4 hours of lengthy Super-O's with one following right on the heels of another.  They only stopped for several minutes if I got up to pee, or if I just made them stop so I could catch my breath a little.

    I stayed focused on relaxing and 'getting out of the way' of the O's so they could just do their thing.

    3 1/2 hours in the sensations began tapering off a bit in intensity.  Also, it was getting pretty late at night (1:30am) so I let it naturally decline and eased out of the whole thing at 2am.

    What a lot of lovely blissful feelings, and tons of energy pumping through my body, down my legs, out my feet...I directed energy (at times) from my heart chakra, and also put some energy 'to work' by visualizing a few goals I have and seeing the energy tied in to the successful completion and happy outcome of the goals.  I sent some loving sex energy to ladies I'm fond of.

    I felt a lot more 'feminine' in this session.  Many times I had the visualization of my anus being a vagina and my prostate being my g-spot, and tried to visualize letting them run free with the orgasms.  My breasts and nipples were pretty intensely sensitive and would shoot energy and waves of little spasms to my anus and prostate (I doubt the prostate actually spasms, but you know what I mean.  maybe someone can explain this better).

    Here's a thread I found that addresses a lot of this.  The comment ring very true for me:

    This morning I can feel the pulses in my anus and I'm consciously suppressing them because I have to go get some stuff done this morning.  But they are beckoning me.

    4 hours!  No Aneros. No lube. No fingering of anus.  Just 'intention' and relaxation.  Holy cow!
  • Theme_Gasm
    Posts: 310
    Sweet buddy! Congrats! Your are a multi orgasmic male! That'll carry with you for the rest of your life man! Enjoy!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 569
    Well done! I had a similar experience over course of the last week. Welcome to "The Zone".
  • brine
    Posts: 220
    Great AnnieRico,

    Definitely a terrific milestone. Enjoy all that this has to offer!!

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353
    "Less" sessions are a great lube saver.

    Early on I had a lot of fun with less sessions, then they diminished. After several lengthy sessions this week, they came back on the same day you posted. Must have been a disturbance in the O Force! It was early in the morning and the tingles woke me up. I ripped through about eight O's and decided to stop before I woke up my wife.

    So fun to have them back and congratulations to you!

  • AneRico
    Posts: 212
    Thanks, you guys.

    What an amazing thing this all is.  I'm enjoying the ride.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,474
    Porn obviously :D  and all kinds of aesthetic stimuli can be great triggers AnnieRico!! What an amazing and beautiful session and responses you are experiencing!!! These energies lead to Whole Male Health and Whole Male Being, imho. You've enjoyed this thread:

    Let's chat.


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected
  • That was absolutely fantastic !