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First 'hands free' O
  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    Eight days after obtaining a progasm ice, i finally had a wet hands free orgasm this ejaculate, but a good couple squirts of clear fluid (Cowper's fluid, i assume) did flow and WOW super INTENSE - never had an experience like that from any woman.  I did finish with an ejaculatory orgasm using my Fleshlight in the front and my 8 1/2" dildo up the back...(as i've achieved hands-free o's in this manner previous to owning a Fleshlight or Progasm Ice).  I think i'm going to enjoy the ride to hands-free super o's...i'll be sure to keep posting as my euphoric journey continues.Thanks to all for the tips i've read from the Vets!
  • I've done the same thing,leave my eupho syn in and use the fleshlite,an amazing finish for sure!!