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Helix syn or Eupho syn for a beginner
  • swedensweden
    Posts: 2
    Hi guys!

    I have seen some people recommend the Helix syn for beginners, and I have read somewhere that the Eupho is a bit advanced.

    From my perspective who has never had anything up my butt before I am afraid the Helix syn has to much girth for me. Do you still think the Helix syn will be a good starter model or should I go with the Eupho syn instead so Im sure it will actually fit in there?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    @sweden, the difference in size is minuscule.  Trust me, it may take some practice, but you will be able to use the helix syn.  The eupho is considered more advanced and you may not get much from it.  All that being said, i started with the progasm with very little experience.  Proper lube and patience and you can fit most things in there if you get my drift LOL.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    In regards to choosing a first Aneros model, I recommend that you first read the following : The Best Aneros model is...
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

    P.S. I sent you an introductory PM with some additional hints and tips to get you started here.
  • swedensweden
    Posts: 2
    Thanks guys. I actually read up alot on the forum. But Im still a bit scared that the girth is so wide on the Helix syn.

    Still, I think Ill try my luck with it and hope Ill get it in!
  • I started my Aneros journey with the Eupho Syn about 3 months ago. When I ordered it I too had concerns about the size of some of the other models because I'd never had anything up there except my doctors finger. Only after receiving the Eupho Syn in the mail did I read that it was for more advanced users. Fortunately for me it only took a couple of sessions and I was on my way to Aneros bliss. Like others have said, don't concern yourself too much about the size, especially the Helix, SGX or MGX. I realize now that any of them would be easy to insert with patience and plenty of lube. Good luck on your journey!
  • In my opinion the initial insertion feels pretty much the same with any Aneros, despite the size and amount of experience.  The only difference with larger models is it takes a bit longer to insert.  My first was the Helix, and I think it is the perfect option for a first timer.
  • My first toy was the SGX,being new to anal play.I thought I would never get it in.I then

    ordered the MGX,Helix,Eupho and Maximus,not all at once,but in that order.To this day

    the key is still relaxation.If I'm too tense,even the eupho is difficult to insert.Be relaxed,

    take your time,plenty of lube,right frame of mind and it will happen.Good Luck!

  • @sweden
    I got my first Aneros a few weeks ago. Like you, I have never had anything up my butt, but after much reading I decided on the Helix Syn. Its actually pretty comfortable. You hardly even notice it while its in, and its easy to insert. I did cut off most of the tail so I could lay on the couch. Left about an inch for centering, as suggested by other users.