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Something totally new for me.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Simply by accident I discovered that if I gently hold my penis just underneath the top, and very gently stimulate the gland with the other hand, I get the most wonderful prostate sensations. I find that they cause me to gasp and tends my stomach muscles and wave after w ave of pleasure causes a very hard erection. This can be maintained for a very long time. I eve n want to make noises and cry out loud..then I have to stop. I did this while kayaking far out at sea. It was fantastic. I let down the anchor so I would not drift. I can't wait to get out again to the solitude and peace of the sea.
    I never had this experience and I am sure that it is all down to the Aneros use. I have two Syns , Eupho and Helix. Lest I forget I had an amazing experience while driving my car. I began to think about the kayak experience and suddenly, my prostate began to stir andi began to feel an erection starting. I was a little frightened in case I became distracted. Anyone had some of t his going on?