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How exactly does inserting lube work?
  • HofdudeHofdude
    Posts: 22
    Hey guys, so forgive my ignorance but I just don't understand how inserting lube into the rectum works. I've always just inserted droplets of lube with my finger and coated the aneros thinking that was just enough. But after researching a bit I found out most guys who use aneros recommend using a syringe or something to insert a good 3-5ml of lube in you. So I figured, what the hell, I'll try it. I was able to get it in perfectly but I just don't understand how it works. Does it just sit around in your rectum as you contract the aneros? How does it lube the aneros since I'm lying down most of the time? Everything felt a bit smoother inside so it must have worked. Just the anatomy of it makes me a little confused. Am I also suppose to be aiming somewhere specifically? Or once I get past the sphincters I just go at it?  Thanks guys
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Well dont know if you have ever put your finger in a meat pipe of any kind say killing a animal of some kind . Whatever but a meat pipe does not stay open like a pipe, it does the same as a tight sock it reduces down to  small when nothing is in it so if only lube is in there it is spread all over and through out.
    The aneros going in is like sticking a lubed finger in it just pushes the lube around too.
    Slippery fun is what you want, you dont want it to dry out. Just insert past the sphincter and let it blow its load! 
    Its the only way to slide dude!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Putting lubricant on the tool itself is likely to result in some of it being wiped off as you insert it through the anal sphincters. This applies particularly with water-based lubricants and is probably why most people use something like shea butter, Vaseline or an oil on the tool itself.
    The purpose of "pre-lube" (injecting a water-based lube before inserting the tool), is to provide a liquid medium in which the tool literally floats after it has been inserted. The tool is expected to move around inside you due to the action of your muscles. If there is insufficient lubricant, it will feel dry and can become sore in a short time.
    Always pre-lube!
  • HofdudeHofdude
    Posts: 22
    Ok, cool. Thanks guys. Today I learned how my butt works haha
  • Es0422Es0422
    Posts: 4
    ha yeah the prelube helped immensely for me got everything going better
  • Armon-neatArmon-neat
    Posts: 257
    Hofdude:  This is what I had answered to the user who started a thread about  olive oil. I regularly use 5ml olive oil followed by 3-5ml of A and D ointment that is essentially lanolin with vaseline, using a "sawed off" 5 ml syringe whose cut off end I've smoothed by exposing it to heat. It gives a consistently smooth, slippery and non watery lubrication. I had found that even inserting watery lube into the rectal chamber, I would still get irritation after a 1-2 hour session. The downside: the first rectal contents expelled after a session solidify and stick to the toilet bowl. This is an economical and easily available combination. I've used olive oil alone and the lanolin alone also but find the combination better.  I found it very important to have lube in the rectal ampulla (chamber), above the sphincters.  Along the anterior wall of the rectum is, for me, the location that is  the most sensitive to pleasure, so having lube pool there is important.  Wishing success to you and all.
  • I feel the insertion of lube is half the fun, actually if you only lubed one thing it should be your hole. Apart from making it easy to insert your aneros lube also protects your highly sensitive, easily damaged anal tissue from being torn...worst case can be hemmoroids, which I had recently and they are no fun at all.

    Lube your hole and lube your aneros at all times!

    Just as an aside...I love how you get the aneros head just past your pulls right in up to the hilt. I had my wife assist yesterday and she wasn't ready and kind got her finger caught in an odd position on the handle...her finger almost took a ride up into my hole as well!. Lubing makes everything slide sooo easily.