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Full body orgasms vs. non-ejaculatory orgasms
  • I've been able to continually achieve a lot of full body orgasms in my sessions through relaxation, breathing, and contracting - with both my aneros models I own - the MGX and Prograsm Jr. They are amazing. My body moves at random, but in a smooth wave-like fashion, if that makes sense...

    I want to know if full body orgasms are the same as non-ejaculatory orgasms? 

    Both pleasure come from stimulating the prostate, but are full body orgasms energy-based? And non-ejaculator orgasms feel like traditional orgasms, where you feel that you're about to release semen, but are instead dry?

    Although the feeling of full body orgasms are amazing, it's lacking the feeling of "release" that I got when I got a non-ejaculatory orgasm at another session. This is why I'm asking if they're different?

    Thanks in advanced for the replies!
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Hi! I don't know what you experience. We can only imagine it. We compare it what we ourselves experience.
    I know now that I have Super Os from time to time. I will not use words like "mind blowing" or "explosive" as these do NMO give a sense of false expectations . You have what you have . My Super Os are Super for me. That's what I accept and that is really great, for me. If I were to dwell on the descriptions of others I might become totally disillusioned and depressed.
    My experiences are, for the most part, utterly enjoyable and satisfying. Please don't dwell too much on other people's descriptions. Just enjoy your own experiences. Take care!
  • I 100% agree with not getting caught up in specific terminology or other people's descriptions of their experiences.  Sometimes it is hard to get across what one is feeling and some people just have a way with words, describing experiences in a very elaborately poetic manner.  Now I am not saying to disregard what other people have to say - in my opinion the more valuable content here lies not with what people report they feel, but how people report they got there.  We are all a little different but have very similar bodies and some of the people here have had years of experience at utilizing this toy.  I refrain from using terms such as super-o, mini-o, dry orgasm, full body orgasm, ect. and just look at it as varying levels of pleasure sometimes accompanied with slight differences in bodily response.  I do not care much for the classification here as I feel it is unnecessary and will not help my progress anyway.
  • Thank you guys! You're both right. I will just enjoy the ride :)