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What I've found so far after a year
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I've been reflecting a lot after trying different things and here are some check points I think it's important to have in mind because they have helped me a lot and they come from experience.

    ·It is very important to prepare your body for a session. Enemas actually open a whole new world once you discover them. I really can't have a good session if I'm not 100% clean, the movement must be free.Also peeing is important, because of something I explain later on.
    It may seem like a lot of trouble to do one, but it's worth it.

    ·Arousal is key. The same way an alchemist needs at least a little bit of gold to turn lead into it, you need arousal to be able to amplify it and transmit it to the rest of your body. (Not that alchemy is about that, but the idea behind it is what's important. You need the essence of something to be able to replicate it)

    ·Energy flows where mind goes. As a short example, when kids get vaccines, the nurse doesn't point the kid's head to his arm, show him the needle, laugh like a maniac and then proceed. If done that way, she'll inflict a lot of pain on the kid. Instead they try to distract him, the more distracted it is and less aware of what's really going on, the less he'll feel the needle. Some even don't feel it at all.
    Basically what that means is that where we put our attention is where we'll feel the most.

    So we got arousal, sexual energy, and it starts building up. That energy needs to go somewhere because it is too powerful. If one has only awareness of the penis, the orgasm will come quickly because of sexual energy build up and be expelled during ejaculation, thus losing it. If instead, one knows how to feel its body, how to move that energy through the body, it can start circulating everywhere, like a river, and become more and more turbulent, as long as it has somewhere to go (thanks to your own consciousness recognizing your body, remember the kid that didn't feel the needle). It is very important to give the energy places where to move, and that is achieved by for example, building arousal and at the same time feel some part of your body, focus on it, it can be your hand, it is subtle, but it's not the same when you're not aroused.

    ·Active vs Passive: Sexual energy build up.
    If one could separate completely orgasm from ejaculation, if one could distinguish between both sensations, one would be able to know what happens when you take an active attitude, and what happens when you take a passive attitude.
    I've found out that an active sexual energy build up is much more likely to lead to ejaculation* and very little orgasm. While a passive attitude leads to orgasm and veeery less likely to ejaculation.
    The key is to learn how to work with both approaches and switch between them while being sexual.

    I remember reading a site that explained the continuous male orgasm technique based on the stop and go principle. What I found to be extremely useful was how one should 'stop', as described by that site. There's a mechanism in the body that prevents you from peeing when trying to ejaculate and vice versa. So basically, when energy starts to build up in the penis, you can stop the urge of ejaculation edging very very close by relaxing as though you were going to pee.
    So when taking the passive energy build up approach you should keep that in mind.

    If when playing with your penis you tend to stroke it too hard, try to do the opposite. Don't focus your attention on it, but on your whole body, while gently stroking it, the whole penis, start feeling every inch, start really recognizing how it feels, the shape it has, every little bump, every part of it has its own unique sensation, all this with very little pressure. The same way you can feel something with your finger, recognize perfectly when it's touching something with the tip, with the right side, the left side, the middle falange, etc, you should be able to recognize how your penis feels along every inch of it. Move your attention from your penis to the rest of your body and back to the penis. All that done on passive mode. If done right, when going in active mode (as normal), you'll feel a lot of pleasure... kind of like when lifting weights, when you're on the last reps and you finally stop, you feel a great relief. You kind of get your body "tired" with sexual energy build up.
    Don't be afraid to feel too much pleasure either, as long as you can then move it elsewhere in the body, it's ok.
    When you dominate these both approaches that I'm mentioning, you will be able to play with your penis during a session and actually use it in a productive way to get super o's. So it's not that you shouldn't play with your penis during a session, is being able to recognise sexual energy and giving it a place to go in the machine other than the release of it through the pressure valve.

    ·Fake it till you make it.
    I've found recently that you can start faking pleasure, during a session, move your body, moan a little bit, and that can actually work as a wake up call for the prostate, move and moan slowly at first, just to see if it follows, kind of taunting it. Why does it work? Maybe it is because you start feeling sexual and wake your body up, give the pathway for that energy to do that to your body so that it can start moving it on its own later.

    Try everything you can think of, shallow, deep, fast, slow, etc. but give it time, as always. Explore what you're feeling with each breathing pattern and rythm, what happens after a while, etc. Paying extra attention to your body as a whole relating it to your prostate and penis.
    Some other poster mentioned this and it helped me a lot.

    ·Sometimes there's no energy to work with, but by going in active mode you can ejaculate and have a common orgasm. In passive mode that's how you are... passive, you expose yourself totally to your own consciousness so that this sexual impulse can take you over. In active mode, you force things and can achieve very little.

    ·Don't finish your sessions with traditional ejaculation! (while starting to practice all this)
    Think of it this way... that sexual energy won't be released and lost, it will stay with you, without circulating, but it'll be there. So next time you try another session, it will be easier to start.

    ·As you are more and more accurate with every part of your body, how it's feeling as a whole, you may start noticing that sometimes it actually kind of aches from sexual activity, it's very subtle, but it coincides with when you don't have energy available and nothing happens during the session. In other words, you damage your body but, because you don't know how to feel it, you are not able to percieve the subtle pain. When in this state, you can still ejaculate, as always (and stopping any kind of body regeneration), but for super o's to happen you need to give it time and space to develop and blossom (remember, PASSIVE mode). People here start noticing suddenly that their prostate is very active during the day, that it can start pulsing out of nowhere and actually feel good. Well... maybe that's how it should always be if you don't strain your body sexually. It's just a theory, but I think ejaculating does a lot of damage to the body in general and it really should be done only when wanting to have a kid (or maybe once every couple of days, but it should never leave you completely drained), it's just that we've come to be very used to sexual pain to a point where we don't feel it anymore.

    When you recognise your body as entirely sexual you can work with sexual energy. I've reached a point where when waking up I can hump the bed and have dry orgasm after dry orgasm, without having to stop because of ejaculation risk. Just by learning how to make my sexual energy circulate through my body, instead of it being stuck in my penis and then released, it can be irradiated through the whole body. Sometimes (more frequently now) I end up having a couple of super o's after many dry orgasms without the aneros.

    ·The more you do this, the better you'll get, so just practice. If at first it seems like too little pleasure, it's just because you haven't learned how to feel it yet. It's there, it's just a communication problem between impulses and what your brain processes.
    Again, think of this, if you keep that sexual energy, subtle feelings will be less subtle (not subtle feelings will recieve this boost too...), it will be easier to feel pleasure. Avoid ejaculating after a session, if you're too horny, just remember that. Sexual energy won't leave your body, maybe it will be used to repair it.

    *'much more' because of this. I've been trying to build up sexual energy from my penis by focusing on it, so that then I move that energy to the rest of my body, kind of like filling up a pool with a bottle, the bottle may seem full, but once you empty it on the pool you realise it wasn't really that much water, you might think that you'll never be able to fill it up at that rate, and yes, if the analogy was perfect you'd be all day doing that lol. It actually becomes exponentially easier to build up arousal and feel it in all of your body, though the start may feel a little too sluggish, but only because the ejaculation path is so fast and extreme compared to it. Just keep emptying that bottle, suddenly things start picking up =P.

    Attention is everything, arousal is key. As long as you give the energy the pathway to go other than your penis, you can build up much larger amounts of sexual energy. Active mode = more likely to be concentrated on the penis. Passive mode = more likely to expand to the whole body.
    Once you dominate both, you can be active and passive at the same time... or maybe you're just switching very fast between both, anyway, that creates an extremely potent experience. Learn how to percieve and feel subtle sensations.

    I hope this helps.
    If you can't understand something, just ask away, I edited this way too many times, sorry.

  • SmokeySmokey
    Posts: 21
    There's so much in your post! Very interesting thoughts. I definitely agree with the "fake it" suggestion.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Thank you!

    Now that I've written all that down I could focus a little better on these things and found out a couple of other things.

    When you don't focus on the penis, but on the whole body AND the penis, is when all the magic happens. If you focus your attention only on the penis you lose sensitivity, pleasure overwhelms sensation. You use your whole body to feel pleasure, when you do that for some reason you gain a "clean" penile sensation, which doesn't force things (hence no urge of ejaculation), it's part of the whole scene, not the center of it. After a while doing that, you can eventually switch to active mode and just thrust/hump/stroke like crazy without feeling the urge to ejaculate.
    It's like charging your whole body with sexual energy first. Like trying to start a chainsaw (that string that you have to pull several times before it starts).

    When learning how to feel your penis, also try everything you can think of. Try starting with little pressure and changing rythm and speed, recognise the shape of it through pleasure. Then put a little more pressure and recognise the sensations, they are very different and there's pleasure in all of them. Also move it to the sides, up and down, etc. all those movements also create very different sensations.

    At first you have to learn how to feel, but once you know, it's like riding a bike downhill, the path is done, you just let yourself go.

    Try also humping the bed, but at the same time, play with different pressures. Try almost no pressure, after you know how your penis feels like that, you just have to focus on your body and your penis will work by itself alone, feeding pleasure to your whole body. It's extremely arousing and sexy, you eventually end up humping like crazy because there's no risk of ejaculating.

    The more things you try, the more awareness you'll get, hence more tools of pleasure will be available to your body, who will automatically know what to do after some practice.

    Basically: Since this is a passive attitude, you have to learn how to "listen" to what your body is asking for. That's why is so important to learn how to feel your penis and your whole body during arousal, recognise it with no arousal, with little arousal, a lot of arousal, extreme arousal.
    If you force anything you are not "listening", you are just trying to get to the supermarket by turning the car engine on with the lever on first. (I don't know if I explained that correctly, but basically I'm refering to when the car jumps when you turn it on, because the lever is not on neutral)

    Also, after you start to be more aware of how your body feels, you'll realise why it is so important to be clean when engaging in anything sexual, now you just don't know because you can't feel it, but it doesn't mean it's not there.