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did that just really happen
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    Hey guys. I'm one on the advanced newbies. I have had a HFWO, full body orgasms, a nipple orgasm about every type of orgasm that one man can have. Until today. I have read that some guys have had a urinating orgasm. It just came out of no where. Standing at the urinal and bam a bolt of energy to the body while pissing and a orgasm comes. It sounds weird but it sounds like it felt great. But what happen to me was totally different. As a gay male I like to keep my butt clean at all times. i douche on the regular just in case. My diet doesn't allow me to eat curtain things eve though i sneak in my snacks but anyway. I was having a normal bowl moment (this might get a little graphic) and a long terd was coming out. It clearly was long and thick and hitting my prostate cause I got hit with a bolt of sensation. I moaned so loud and almost fell off the toilet. It felt so good. No invulentaries just full body jolts through me all around. I have never had that before. I guess since my prostate is so used to being touched now anything can spark it. So have anyone else had these experience.