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  • Hey I recently ordered my aneros toy and i'm excited about trying it out.

    I became aware of this site when I was searching around trying to work out what i was doing. After having abstained from masterbation and porn for 2 weeks after sick of death rip masterbation with little pleasure till orgasm, I was messing around with some random kegels and reverse kegels when i managed to find a 'sweet spot' pc position which gave me pleasure. After focusing on this and my breathing, i was able to bring my self up to a no touch orgasm that was the most intense i ever had.

    The next day, i kept getting very pleasureable erections that came about when relaxed. Also, whilst trying to sleep, if i turned over, i'd shortly get these pleasure erections (pleasure more intense than i used to get orgasming) that would slowly die down and come back again when relaxed.

    Are these likely to be p-waves?

    DOes this mean that i'm already partly rewired by pure accident?

    Also, do you eventually get the p-waves the day after without the erection?

    Thanks and glad to have joined the community
  • I'm no expert,but I have noticed different feelings that occur
    after using my syn for a while.I can now get to pre cum
    stage very easy,have anal pleasure without insertion
    and other small things.Keep at it,will only get better.
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    cool. definitely a good start, i would keep practicing without as well as with.

    what was your technique? i understand its something hard to explain when u don't exactly know what muscles you are using sometimes.

  • I think doing the kegels made the area slightly 'sore' meaning that i noticed it more (like how you feel or your muscles when you have delayed onset muscle soreness). Since i was now aware of them, i noticed that upon relaxation, it felt good. So i sort of would tense slightly and then release. I steadly worked my way up to realising what worked best (breathing 'down' through my abs whilst tensing).

    Yeah it is difficult to explain but im excited about the possibilities.