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Mixed feelings
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36

    I received the aneros helix syn yesterday. I decided to buy one after I tried for quite some time a toy from another brand. The other brand toy isn't a total flop, I felt something. I had pre-cum liquid, strong traditional orgasm (I jerk to end the session) but didn't have anything mind-blowing.
    The other toy isn't rigid like the helix and I was able to move it in ways I wasn't able to with the previous toy. I have pre-cum liquid more rapidly. Monday session (with the old toy) I think I progressed, I put music and can enter in a trance state. After the session I felt like I took a nap, refreshed but down like the hangover of smoking weed, completely relaxed but nothing work correctly in brain (no concentration or motivation).

    Yesterday with the aneros for the first time, I was able to completely relax. I didn't sleep much lately so it was easy to lay and relax. No music this time and I think it might be the reason I wasn't able to fully let it go and reach the state I was into the other session.
    My mixed feelings come from the result I had with the aneros. I felt it more, as now I really feel the prostate and much more excitation in the beginning of the session when it touches the prostate.
    I did a good 1h30 if not 2h with it. The only thing I "felt" was a thing going bottom and ended mid-body. Nothing good or bad. I didn't felt anything beside something "strong" starting bottom and moving inside until it vanish somewhere mid-body (diaphragm). 
    I asked myself "was it an orgasm?" It lasted 1 sec max, way too short and I didn't feel like in a total bliss.
    edit: just want to add, it was very strong, like a truck going full speed and smashing everything inside of you. For a moment I wasn't there, I didn't know what was happening.
    Beside that, the aneros session was identical to my other sessions with the other toy. Involuntary movements and light feeling inside - you feel the intensity increases but it just stop going further and you have to start over.

    What was the "thing" I felt? A chimera of my mind or a P-wave like some users report?

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Possibly a mini-O of some sort.

    PS. Did you get the number of the truck? ;)
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    I hope it was!

    I wil check this out next time ;)
    I hadn't any other word to describe it hahaha