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Super-o already?
  • Ive had a session today and I had a different sensation that felt unlike anything Ive experienced before. It felt as though the aneros was pulling itself in and rubbing my prostrate but my muscles thmeselves felt completely relaxed as if it was doing it completely by itself without the usual strong contractions that I get. The amount of precum I produced was incredible. It just seemed as the aneros was draining me and it came out in a more constant flow than usual. 

    I had a look at the milestones section of the wiki and didnt see anything for this but it felt so fucking amazing and so different from what Ive experienced before that Im sure it should be a milestone. Have other people experienced this and is it an indication that you're getting closer to or are even having a super-o?
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Sound sweet dude every now and then you get these cool things happen and then they never happen again.
    But something else comes along, dont worry.
    Enjoy every moment. Its never ending and always changing.