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What is going on?
  • martin1985martin1985
    Posts: 6
    Hey there. Im a newbie to the world of prostate stimulation and have been having some great sessions recently. The thing is that because I am so new I can't really believe that I'm having such great sessions so early (I would say that I have used the aneros about a dozen times). Could somebody please tell me what is happening?

    I insert my aneros (it is a prograsm jnr model) into my anus with the tab pressed right up against my perenium (sometimes ionce Ive got over the second hump in the aneros it feels as though my ass sucks the two in by itself which is a great sensation on its own) and start some porn and lay on my side. I don'y do anything except breath and relax and I would say that somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes in my anus starts to contract on its own, pulling the aneros in and giving me a gentle massage. I don't really get twitching as much as I get contractions. After awhile these contractions develop from just anal contractions to anal contractions with a kegel at the end. Over the duration of the session these double contractions get stronger more frequent. My penis gets rock hard and becomes coated in precum which is an amazing feeling because I usually produce very little precum. I get a tight feeling in my abdomen as my stomach muscles tighten up. Near the end of these sessions I can control the aneros by relaxing the anal tension a little. It feels as if my body is fucking itself over and over again. During a 1 hour session last night I had the sensation tension and  release that you get with ejaculation 3 times withinn that one session but I dint ejaculate. I just produced a lot more precum than normal.

    So what soes this sound like to you. Ive only been doing this for a short while so I cant imagine its a super o. Dry o maybe?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    First up - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Try not to label the sensations you are feeling. It seems you are one of those lucky ones who achieve early success. You may be experiencing super-Os already but I am not even too happy about naming them as such. If you keep an open mind, I believe you will experience any number of different pleasurable sensations, any of which might be termed a dry O.

    It also seems that the Progasm Junior is a good fit for you and I would stick with that one for a while. Later you might wish to experiment with other Aneros models and these may help to broaden your experiences.

    Good Luck and enjoy the journey.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    sounds to me like your body is pre-wired for success, congratulations!  As pommie said, i wouldnt worry too much about labels this early on, just sit back and enjoy the sensations.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390

    Great advice! We naturally want to categorize and label our experiences so we can compare. However, our journeys are personally unique and may not fit into neat comparisons with others. Just enjoy.

    You are off to a great and early start. Enjoy what is given to you and the people on this forum that are so willing to share. This is a very special place you have found.

  • martin1985martin1985
    Posts: 6
    It makes me wonder to what degree how long rewiring takes you is related to how sexual you are in general. I say this because I remember reading a thread on here where some folks were talking about how they didnt get erections when using the aneros. To be honest I get a hard on just thinking about a session so the idea of being flacid during one is alien to me.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    I began this journey almost exactly three years ago at the age of 71. It took me most of that time to become rewired and I sometimes wonder if I have become fully rewired even now! I suspect that a sexually active man in his youth would become rewired more rapidly but, from what I read in this forum, there may even be no correlation between length of rewiring time and age. (BTW, would I be correct in assuming that you are about 28?!)

    If you get an erection from just thinking about a session, good on you, but I believe there is actually no connection between prostate massage and your body's ability to create an erection.

    I very occasionally receive a brief erection during an Aneros session, (maybe when I am feeling particularly horny), but, for most of the time, my penis remains flaccid and I can't say it worries me one way or another. 

    I could imagine that becoming concerned about whether you have a hard on or not during a session could be counterproductive and detract from experiencing the best from the Aneros. As we have said, just enjoy!
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Im 39 and dont think im not completely there yet and its been almost 2 years since i started.  I do get erections now and then before, during, and after sessions but they are mostly irrelevant.  I say mostly cause I think an erection can somewhat make a guy hornier, almost like a confirmation of being horny, if that makes any sense?  But for the most part, erections during a session are just an annoying distraction.
  • Ive had a session today and for the first time I have had a new sensation. It felt as though the aneros was pulling itself in and rubbing my prostrate but my muscles thmeselves felt completely relaxed as if it was doing it completely by itself without the usual strong contractions that I get.

    I had a look at the milestones section of the wiki and didnt see anything for this but it felt so fucking amazing and so different from what Ive experienced before that Im sure it should be a milestone. Have other people experienced this and is it an indication that you're getting closer to or are even having a super-o?