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My Helix & I
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    I love the journey I'm on. I have learned so much in the little time that I have had it. I crave it when its put away, I long for it when I'm sleeping. I need it in my at odd times (i.e. work or out with family). I even fantasize that it's a real person making me feel the things that I do. As a gay man its not hard to do that. I can always conjure him up and presto he's there to please me in any way I want it. 

    Description:6'3 tall muscular white male who owns his own construction business. He work long hours ad even when he's home he puts in extra time with me working me lol. Broad shoulders from picking up boarders and metal. Hairy chest, strong pecks short wavy brown hair just a man's man.

    When I'm in the mood he just appears after a longs day work to please his sex deprived lover. He shows me and my ass no mercy. Even after working a 9 hour day he still has time for little ol' me. Never shows a sign of weakness or tiredness. He just continues to pump me with hardness that hits that spot oh so well. He towers over my 5'3 frame showing his toughness but still his gentleness towards cause he wants to make it very pleasurable for me.

    It may sound weird but the feelings that I have documented on film has showed that he does something to my body to make me moan and shake like I do. This image just helps with that. Anytime I need him he is willing to drop everything to supple the love that he gives to me. This helps with my sessions. rewiring and just the hours of fun that I have. I have read and seen the different stories that @Darwin has came up with and wanted to convey a few of my own.

    Picture It:Its the day before the holiday. I have prepared a lot of food for family and friends. Im dead tired and want to relax but can't. Can't be a rude hostess. After the last person leaves i get my clothes ready for a hot steamy bath. As I relax I wish he was here with me. But a hard working man has no days off. As I return to my empty bed room I began to lotion my wet soft body. I then proceed to get in bed in some nice tight panties that he bought me as a birthday gift for only his eyes. As i drift off to a slumber i begin to stir i the bed. I am becoming very warm but the windows are open on this very cool day. I feel a spirit but i don't want to open my eyes in fear of canceling out this amazing feeling that I now have. I hear a whisper of, "relax baby". I know that voice and feeling now. Its him, the man i love, the man that touch just sends volts of passion through my whole body. He grabs my nipples hard but gentle. He relaxes my mind that I'm in good hands, strong hands that is. 

    He kisses me from head to toe still bringing up the heat in the room even with a cool breeze coming from the windows being up. I feel his passion and his hard on. He unzips for me whipping out his thick hard ten inches of love that is all mine. He spits on cock and slides him in. That one thrust sent tidal waves to my body. I began to moan. Even with his member inside me he still has me calm and relaxed. HE picks up the pace, now hitting my special place my prostate. I'm now shaking for my lover and he holds me close breathing his manly breathe in my ear reassuring that I'm only his. I begin to shake uncontrollably I tell him, Baby make me cum". I repeat this louder and LOUDER. He is working my nipples and has my sperm doing back flips in my nut sack. He ask me, "do love me" and I moan, "YES". He ask me, "Do you trust me" and I respond, "YES BAAABYYYY" all the time he is still plugging my hole so good and grabbing my nipples so hard. He asked one last question, "Baby do you want to cum" & I scream YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSS" as you can notice im so turned on and with that response he gives me three long hard strokes and BAM! My love spilled out of my cock and got everywhere. I open my eyes to see my beautiful man, the beautiful man that just serviced me so well and all I see is a wet Helix Syn laying lifeless on my bed. I flop on the bed with a smile on my face just know he did it to me again.