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The Aneros and BateWorld connection!!!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 905
    Hi guys,

    A couple weeks ago my apartment finally had a complete renovation which was long overdue. An outgrowth of this renovation was that I had to upgrade my Internet connection to DSL. DSL has made my use of the Internet so much easier, because the Net works so much faster!

    A very popular web site for men who enjoy masturbation is BateWorld (membership required). BateWorld laden with pics and videos of guys masturbating. But there are several pics of guys using the Aneros. It was at BateWorld in the fall of 2011 that first learned about the Aneros.

    Today I have been using BateWorld using DSL on a lazy Saturday afternoon. I visited BateWorld's online shop and was gratified to discover that BateWorld sells Helix Syn, Progasm, and MGX models with links to!!! It made my day!

  • drewukdrewuk
    Posts: 1
    BateWorld is a great site