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first progasm jr ride (review)
  • forgemanforgeman
    Posts: 45

    just got my Pro-Jr and had to take it for a ride.  the shape is perfect for me, 5' 8" and when I  first inserted it felt better than any other toy so far.

    I must say that I did have a long session with my eupho last night, so maybe that helped in the results.  I did some small contractions to get started and it felt like a big thumb on top of my prostate pressing firmly.  I soon added nipple stim and had many short dry o's.  later I found myself moaning for some reason, just happened. soon afterward my body slightly tensed up and had the longest dry o ever.  after it went away, I was totally spent, couldn't move from all the energy release.

    The weird part was I had to pee 3 times during this event.  I didn't drink too much before hand, so who knows what that was. also as my ass got tired, the jr started slipping out a bit, so I just needed to squeeze a bit more, over all this is the best toy I ever bought and recommend it highly!

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