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Male anal eroticism
    Posts: 2

    I am a straight male with an anal fetish. Most of my sexual fantasies center on my receiving anal stimulation and penetration by a woman. I daydream about being face down and bottom up, naked and with my anus exposed to her view. I also collect pornographic videos, stories, art, and cartoons about female-on-male anal play.

    My wife satisfies my cravings sometimes with analingus and anal fingering, along with spanking, all of which is wonderful and gratifying. But I also yearn to be taken with a strap-on dildo, and my wife adamantly refuses to use sex toys of any kind. So I have to indulge privately, with my collection of sex toys. I first give myself a few enemas then get out the toys. Sometimes that just means an Aneros or similar prostate device, but if I feel particularly receptive and needy, and have adequate time and privacy, I use a prostate vibrator and then a long double-ended dildo. I slowly stretch my anus and before long I'm sliding it in and out fast and hard. I like to watch strap-on porn videos and imagine that I am the man I see bending over for a beautiful woman and being fucked. I also like to make short videos of myself as I engage in anal masturbation. The orgasms are often so intense I groan and shout. 

    I wonder how many other straight men are as anally obsessed as I am. I also think a lot about male-on-female anal sex, but being on the receiving end is my primary focus. It seems to me that more straight men are admitting their desire to be anally licked and penetrated by women. There are a lot of journalistic articles on the subject--a Google Search yields all kinds of results from mainstream sources--as well as porn. Academics and sexologists are also talking more than ever about the trend of "bend over boyfriend" and pegging. See "Heterosexual Men and Anal Eroticism: A Scholarly Bibliography" at


  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94

      Completely understand.  As we expand our sexual horizons and realize there's more to male pleasure then ejaculation, only natural to start fantasizing how your significant other can help you achieve these explosive orgasms.  Same with our taste in porn.  Rimming, prostate play, pegging, etc are are on my sexual menu now as reality (rimming, prostate fingering), fantasy (pegging), and porn viewing.
      It's so great to set aside ingrained prejudices and just enjoy your body!!