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Helix Syn and after effects
  • BobandyBobandy
    Posts: 37

    Let me start by saying that the Helix Syn is an amazing addition to my
    collection. What I like the most is how comfortable it is, even when I'm having
    strong contractions I never feel the discomfort that I felt with the original
    Helix (not that it was painful, but I could feel the hardness) If you're
    undeceided on purchasing one I give it 7 Stars out of 5!!

    none;text-autospace:none">I had an opportunity to use the Helix Syn for the last 3 days without any
    distractions (mornings, afternoon and evening sessions, ok I may have overdid
    it a little but it was amazing and some of, if not the best orgasms, mini-O's
    and Super O's, I have ever experienced, I ended all the sessions (2 + hours
    long) with a super "T".

    none;text-autospace:none">I decided that this morning I needed to give my body a rest so NO
    Helix.  As I lay in bed upon waking I was
    feeling this gentle nervous tingling sensation in abdomen (butterflies in my stomach?)
    anyway I just tried to enjoy it and relax, and it started to move into my
    pelvic/groin area, it was feeling warm and tingly by now and I felt like I was
    floating. I was feeling the onset of an orgasm! But here's where it got
    strange, I felt like my orgasm was expanding all around me, like I was in a
    cloud shaped balloon and floating in the middle of the orgasm, I would drift
    around and gently "bump" the sides and get wonderful orgasmic surges,
    every time I would float into one of the sides a new wave of orgasmic sensation
    would shoot thru my body, making my penis feel like it was a snake, wiggling
    and tingling, thrusting and Cumming in a very gentle way! The sensations would
    spread all over my pelvic area and out to my hands and feet, I had so many O's
    I couldn't keep count. This went on for almost 3 hours. I would have to say it
    was the most amazing experience I have ever felt in 65 years!

    none;text-autospace:none">As I sit here and write this I am once again feeling mini O's, as I have
    felt thru out the day. I have to say the Aneros experience has changed my life,
    the pleasure it provides is truly beyond words! It just keeps getting better
    and better. I wonder when, if ever it will level out and become routine?


  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    @bobandy: nice description and congratulations! Isn't it amazing to be the original owner for so many years and not have known your body could do this?

    Whether it becomes routine is depends on your health, state of mind, and attitude. You seem to be doing well so you should be nicely set to open yourself up to many new experiences. I think that as rewiring progresses, the new connections create new sensations, that create new connections like a feedback loop. Opinions? I've gone through at least three or four Super-O phases, each one unique. I'm currently playing hide and seek with a new type similar to what you are describing. I feel like I'm bathed in energy.

    As fas as leveling out, it may happen on a temporary basis, then pickup again. I've had dry spells last for several months. Although the intensity and O's take a vacation, I've found other subtle sensations and energies that are fun to explore, that normally can't get heard. Sometimes the intensity picks up notch after a dry-spell.