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I can do it consistently now
  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20
    I just want to start a new thread to share some info back to the community.  I got stuck in some limbo mode for 2 months, like many other people on this board.  After figuring out some key pieces, I am now out of this mode, and can produce the super O consistently in every session.  I'll post them in seperate blocks
  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20

    The mode where it's hard to tell where it is going:

    1. Auto Contraction happens consistently

    2. Body violently shakes after a while

    3. There is great pleasure, but hard to tell if it is super O or mini O or non of them. 

    4. Every session is too different.  many sessions produce just nothing.

    After reading all the post, I think a lot of people were in this area, and I have stuck in this area for two months too, until I did some modifications to the way of doing things.  I will skip all the basic stuff, assuming everyone in this category know all the basic stuff already.

    The key to make it consistent, is that, our PC suppose to pin Aneros into certain spot.  Everyone's body is different.  Maybe there are a few lucky ones just naturally fit Aneros right.  When aneros is on a "wrong spot" you would still feel great pleasure, but it won't lead to super O consistently, unless you "pin" it.  Here is how I do it in each session, step by step

    1. Clean up, Hot Shower, lube, all the usual stuff.  I do start lube it 4-5 times now.  lube it, pull it out, and repeat

    2. Position - I tried many commonly suggested positions, but non of them work for me, at the end, I just chose the most comfortable position for me.  I lay on my back, leg straight, hands under my head, just like on the beach.

    3. Relax - Forget about how long it takes to relax, I realized time doesn't matter.  All you have to do is relax until you can feel where exactly your aneros is pointing at, inside of you.  when you just insert it, you get all kinds of good feeling, but at the end, all other feeling disappears, only leave the feeling of where aneros is pointing at.

    4. Anus Contraction - After a light anus contraction, there is a spot where you should be able hold it indefinately without trying or even feel it, until you intentionally release it.  Just hold it that way, and never think about Anus again, through the rest of the session. 

    5. This is the key part, in my opnion.  Use PC to move aneros, yes, it take a while to practice, move it up or down, until you get to a magic point.  You would be able to tell the big difference when you are on the magic point.  I'll add another comment on PC later on, just in case anyone find it hard to use PC to position Aneros to an exact position

    6. After you position the Aneros on the exact spot, further breathing would simply move it around the magic spot.  Mini O should come quickly.  For me, in about 5-10 minutes, I would sweat like crazy, then it calms down.  re-position the Aneros, do it again, then another big sweat session.  after repeating it 3-5 times, something extremely strong happens.


    I felt I was in same boat as many other people, where the result was inconsistent, and no Super O for a while.  After figure this part out, I just want to share it, just in case, some other people who stuck in this situation happens to be missing the same key issue.

  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20

    About using your PC

    Using the PC to move Aneros to exactly where you want is difficult first, but combined with feedback of the body, it just become easier and easier.  If you are doing it right, you should not be inserting great strength or anything, just a very light stress on PC would move Aneros.  I belive the PC is doing two things:

    1. create some preasure to hold Aneros

    2. when you breath, it moves Aneros up and down. 

    If you manage to do both at the same time, the O would show up very soon. 

    About the strength of PC.  I did notice it's strong some day, and weak some day.  After some tests, I realized it has to do with what I drink every day.  If I drink Soda or Juice during the day, it becomes really weak; If I just drink water, it becomes really strong, and it "listens" to me at night.

    This test is just for myself.  The juice part is a puzzle for me.  Eating a bunch of Orange is ok, but drinking a couple of glasses of Orange Juice make PC not working.  Coffee doesn't have any good or bad effects so far.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    very interesting, i will definately investigate this approach.  Thanks for the write up.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Thanks for the feedback Imadeit. Ill try this tonight.
  • RayMitchellRayMitchell
    Posts: 42
    Thanks, very interesting, Imadeit.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @imadeit very good approach has led to a whole new sensation. I got the mini o's finally, but can't get it over the top. It feels like it is about to happen, then it ends in an unexpected deep and tight contraction. These feel good, but I think they interrupt the process. But I can't seem to stop them from happening.
  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20
    @xtimedt69, don't try to stop them, this is what suppose to happen.  During the deep and tight contraction, just keep breathing,  the mini O would end, and it doesn't get over the top.  you will try to get another one coming through breathing.  After enough of them show up side by side, you will get there.  At the point of mini O, it may be weird that you will need to keep the body doing exactly what it was doing, but mind need to enjoy and think about nothing.  Kind of like Mind and Body being seperate.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    @imadeit hell I have been trying to stop them. I have even asked what they were in another thread.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    xtimedt69 said:

    ...hell I have been trying to stop them. I have even asked what they were in another thread.

    I mostly agree with @imadeit, if you'll recall in the introductory PM I sent you when you first joined our little community, one of the hints/tips I gave you was Give yourself permission to release egocentric mental control. " Just Let Go ! " to allow your body to generate this phenomena for your pleasure and enjoyment, just "Go with the Flow ! ". This means you need to stop trying to control your body reactions, do not suppress what your body is naturally and spontaneously generating. In your previous thread you described a common (to Aneros usage) orgasmic spasm and declared it was "...awesome...", well let the awesome continue instead of trying to stop it. The basic rule of thumb during your rewiring process is to follow the path of pleasure. You might find it helpful to read the thread "Just Let Go !"
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @rumel I remember you PM now, but consider how much information I have absorbed during my time here. Much of it useful and some of it confusing and contradictory.

    My real progress began with the quick and dirty path and some of @Alex_xxx advice on shallow breathing. I have asked about the deep contractions before, most recently in a post  "What are these contractions and how can I use them" I may tend to overthink things ...

    But @imadit was the light bulb moment. Over the last couple of sessions I have had waves of mini o's and that Prostate quiver think, but have yet to have it go over the top. I will continue to try.


  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @imadeit I am getting the mini o's, in fact my sessions are more active than ever. I can get the thing positions and hold it rather easily now and then the very subtle movements will very soon start producing the big contractions they feel awesome and I shudder, I assume these are mini o's. They often produce a lot of precum secretion. I have had the onset of the body shakes ... it starts and then it subsides.

    When these big contractions come, the tendency is to gasp, I am trying to breath through them is that correct?

  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Interesting read about the PC muscles' rhythm with the breathing. In my last big session with the Progasm, this is what lead to a crazy orgasm. At the time I was following the tug-of-war method.
  • imadeitimadeit
    Posts: 20
    @xtimedt69 that's correct.  the hardest thing I had to overcome before was to continue the same breath pattern during the mini-Os.  It's easy said that doing it, because when your body is in an O, you would natually want to do different things.